Meet wealhtheow!

Many thanks to reader wealhtheow for raising her hand and volunteering to be the first Spotlight supahstah! I love her blog comments and insights.

Do you do any impressions or imitations? None at all, but my husband does. He can never get the movie lines quite right, however. I, on the other hand, have a great memory for lines. So I feed him the correct quotes and he does the impressions. We are quite the party trick. If, you know, we ever WENT to parties.

I'm impressed! And your soul sister on movie lines. Please see my "Anne of Green Gables" comment below. (And no sweat on the no parties thing; Fair Finley isn't a party goer, really. She just throws them.)

What's your perfect day spent with a close friend?
Jamila and I actually JUST did this. We took a midweek beach trip with our two boys, who are BFFs. A day on the beach, sun, sand, and waves. Dinner at a restaurant with a built-in playground, so we could drink cocktails while the little guys amused themselves. It was more fun than a barrel full of monkeys, especially since our children are toilet-trained and monkeys aren't.

Ha ha ha. Are you two ever tempted to go down the slides post-cocktails? I might be.

Do you reread books or rewatch movies? Or never? If so, which ones? I am a chronic re-reader/re-watcher. I can't even BEGIN to list them all. Frequent rereads are Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising" sequence, Austen's "Pride & Prejudice" and "Persuasion," Annie Dillard's "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek," Ursula K LeGuin's Earthsea series, and the Anne of Green Gables books. If a book is worth reading once, it is worth reading multiple times. I  rewatch Farscape  at least once a year.

Hooray to all that. I have a few "Anne" posts coming up. My husband and I recently watched the Megan Follows miniseries and I vowed to him I could "Rocky Horror" every single line, given that it was my 34,987th viewing. It was his first viewing, though, thus he had to ask me to stop saying every line about the time Matthew picks Anne up at the train station. Also, Ursula LeGuin? YES.

Any tips on getting back up when life gets you down? Fake it until you make it. Obviously this won't always work, but most of my life-getting-down moments involve not being able to stick to a routine, whether that is cleaning the house, a good diet, exercise, or being the kind of mother I want to be. If I wait until I'm inspired to leap back on the horse, I will NEVER do it. But if I just grit my teeth and haul myself back up regardless of whether I feel "prepared" or not, I find it works. It's taken decades for me to figure out that there will never be a time where it is all easy for me. But it doesn't NEED to be easy to be worthwhile.

BIG proponent of "fake it until you make it" myself. Sometimes I start smiling to give myself a shove toward a better mood, too.

Favorite drink? Mojitos. With herbs from my garden. Mint is classic, of course, but basil is DIVINE, as is lemon verbena.

I love unusual beverages. 

Beach, mountains, desert, or other? Beach, pretty much every time. Any kind of beach, anywhere.

You can take the girl out of NorCal... :)

Wilfair question: Would you go in the pool if Monty and Gomery were working in the nearby motel office? Or *because* they were in the motel office? Probably BECAUSE. The truth is I can be quite terribly shy, and if I was swimming in the pool then I wouldn't need to talk to them or worry about staring at them.

Great answer. I think Fair really would love to go swimming, but given that one or both of the Overboves is usually in the motel office or the diner, they'd be able to see her, and that fills her entire being with flummox, given that she isn't a natural bathing suit person. 


THANK YOU, wealhtheow, for your witty thoughts and opinions. You mentioned Jamila, who has made some fantastic comments on the blog and who will have her own Spotlight later this week! Oh yeahhhh.

Oh, and I shall choose a special photo for everyone's Spotlight, because choosing special photos is an enjoyable activity. So wealhtheow, here is your special Spotlight photo. You will know exactly what and where this is. Other lovely readers, today's Spotlight star hails from a California region full of wonderful and whimsical murals, and since I believe she has a lot of both qualities, I'm making the pairing. 

In a word: Eureka!


bess said...

I love this post! It's great to learn a little more about the lovely commenters and wealhtheow shares my love of mojitos! I bet they're even better with fresh herbs.

Also, Anne of Green Gables is my jam. I've read and reread the books many times and my sister and I love the miniseries. Has anyone read The Blue Castle also by LM Mongomery? I read it last year and was very charmed.

wealhtheow said...

Blue Castle! Yes! Absomently! ALL of hers are good--the Emily trilogy, Pat of Silver Bush, just ALL of them.

bess said...

I think the Emily trilogy are the only books of hers that I haven't read, I should get on that. I loved that the Blue Castle was dealing with some more mature characters and themes. I think it would make a fantastic movie.

Wilfair Book said...

Things I absolutely love:

1. Lucy Maud Montgomery chitchat.

2. When two readers chat on the blog.

wealhtheow, I keep reading your answers because they charm me. Bess, "The Blue Castle" should be a movie.

Erika said...


Now I gotta go read Anne of Green Gables *shame*

Chiara said...

Loved reading this! I was just catching up on the blog and commenting here and there so it's nice to learn something more about other people hanging out here.

"Fake it until you make it" is an awesome rule to live by!

And I definitely need to try Mojitos with basil!! I'm not a big of fan of mint in my drinks, or anywhere really except in candy.

wealhtheow said...

Oh Erika! Part of me feels sorry for you that you haven't read those books, and part of me is insanely jealous that you have such an awesome wonderful amazing experience ahead of you. Anne! She will fill a hole you never knew you had.

Jamila said...

#1 - we must be some kind of stupid, because going down the slides tipsy never even occurred to us (me, at least). wealhtheow, I think we need to make that a mission. Perhaps following some of those mojitos?

#2 - Lucy Maud is my patron saint, but I've never even heard of The Blue Castle! Well, now it's on hold for me at the library. Bess, Emily is my favorite!! You need to read her.

myrandaroyann said...

Thanks for sharing, wealhtheow! I love Northern CA! My aunt and her family live in Santa Cruz and I try to visit as often as possible. I get jealous comparing our weather to the weather in Northern CA! I would definitely agree with your choice of the beach. I love the ocean. Random fact about me: I've swam in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and in the Gulf of Mexico. I don't think I've ever had a mojito but I'd like to try one with basil. I'm a basil addict! Thanks again!

Wilfair Book said...

Erika: Anne Shirley will be your new BFF! Plus? ♥Gilbert Blythe♥ Plus? ♥Matthew Cuthbert♥

Chiara: I'm with you. Love knowing more about the people here. Hands down, the best part of all of this, for me.

wealhtheow: Your last "fill a hole you never knew you had" line made me laugh.

Jamila: Now that we're talking slides, here's my favorite slide video ever.

myrandaroyann: That is so cool about your ocean swimming. And Santa Cruz! Have you been to the Mystery Spot? Or the boardwalk? My mom grew up in the area. She rode the wooden roller coaster with her sweethearts.

myrandaroyann said...

Yes, I've been to both the Mystery Spot and the Boardwalk. Santa Cruz is a great place! We went to the Mystery Spot a few years ago while my brother had a broken leg which made the steep hills more interesting! It's so beautiful there and the illusions were pretty awesome. The boardwalk is also a lot of fun, nothing like having views of the ocean while enjoying the rides! Have you ever been to The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose? We went on my 13th Birthday and I loved the history and spookiness of it. ;)

Wilfair Book said...

The Winchester Mystery House! You must be psychic because I am awake right now writing about the Winchester for work. (Tickets to the house's annual Halloween attraction went on sale today.) I do love it so. And a 13th birthday is the IDEAL date to go! Sarah Winchester was quite the 13 fan, as I'm sure you know -- 13 bathrooms in the house and other sets of 13.

It's so funny; I was just pondering a Winchester post for the blog. The place is a big influence on me. My mom lived down the road when she was little and, as you can imagine, the neighborhood kids were fascinated. It wasn't yet open for tours.

Your brother is a brave lad for taking to those inclines with a broken leg!

I'd like to include some homages to roadside attractions in the Wilfair books because I'm a little bit obsessed with them. The Bigfoot Museum? I want to see Fair and Sutton there.

wealhtheow said...

myrandaroyann: I've not hung out much in Santa Cruz, although I have been to the Winchester House--what a trip and a half! I'm from further up North--Humboldt Nation. But now I'm living in Virginia, so I too have swum in both big oceans! But you're one up on me for the Gulf of Mexico. You mighty swimmer!

Jamila: There's no hope for it, then. We're just going to have to go back and slide down those slides. Also, you can grab Blue Castle for free on your kindle.

Wilfair Book said...

wealhtheow: ♥Humboldt Nation♥ I just wrote a piece for NBC in San Francisco where I spoke directly to the county about my huge, Humboldt-y crush. Final paragraph:

"WE LOVE YOU, HUMBOLDT: Be honest. You probably love where you live now, forever and ever; we certainly do. But are we all marking time, just a little bit, until that day when we can live, at least for a few happy months, in one of the redwoodiest, do-your-own-thing-iest counties in all the nation? Call it Humboldt Envy. No, Humboldt, redwood-loving hordes won't be storming your fair shores and fern groves, promise; but thank you so much for inviting us up. Appreciated."

Wilfair Book said...

Oh, and because I'm sure you're incredibly curious, the post was about GIANT NIGHT PUPPETS. I want a giant night puppet so bad.

wealhtheow said...

OK I was JUST about to chastise you for no linky goodness when I saw your follow-up with the link.

Erika said...

Ok now I am excited!

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