Monday Merry

Hello and happy new week, dear people. I'm back in pretty hot Los Angeles after a busy, friend-filled weekend in very hot Arizona, where I got to enjoy a classic desert monsoon over the Catalina Mountains, the wonderfully waxy smell of the creosote bushes after a rain, and tiny lizards doing push-ups, which might be one of my favorite things to watch in the world.

But I was very excited to get back here, because this week brings not one but two reader Spotlight posts. Hooray! Let's kick off today and this good week with wealhtheow, who, you might remember, recently sent in a lovely photo of herself standing at Wilshire and Fairfax, which gave me an instant case of the Cartoon Eye Xes. (Cartoon Eye Xes=the small x you get over each eyelid when you nearly pass out because something fills you with delight.)

Sigh. So I'll put the Spotlight above this one, so wealhtheow doesn't have to share this rambling post that I can't seem to stop typing, because I'm knackered from a late flight, and my head is teeming with lizard push-ups.


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