“Night works for us.” I smiled. I knew I’d be Gomery’s friend forever. Well, after I destroyed his life and after I helped him rebuild it. Maybe even during.  
       “It certainly does.”

Three photos I've taken at California hotels late at night:

Hotel Roosevelt, Hollywood 

The pool at Two Bunch Palms, Desert Hot Springs

The mysterious Amargosa Hotel & Opera House, Death Valley Junction


Jamila said...

uh, I'm gonna need more information about your (?) shoes in Palm Springs. Please and Thank You.

Wilfair Book said...

They're well-loved shoes (meaning I've had them for a long time). I'm actually not a shoe hound, gulp; I know we're told we have to have a million pairs to be chic. I am not chic.

What else can I say about them? They do have sort of a pretty stitching on the front part. I do like that, stitching on a shoe. Because I was born in 1842.

Chiara said...

I love the first picture! So beautiful and haunting. The fact that it is in black & white makes it perfect.

Jamila said...

I like stitching on a shoe too, that's what made me ask about them. :) They are tres cute.

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara: Thanks! It turned out pretty well. Fun fact about this hotel: It's where the first-ever Oscars were held, in 1929. Very atmospheric place.

Jamila: Yay, shoe stitching! Fun fact about this photo: I was waiting for this mad little roadrunner to dart by the pool. He was off to one side and very camera-shy.

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