Monty Overbove: Going to movies, reading scripts, writing scripts, building small scale models of sets, giving opinions, giving lots of opinions, on everything. Swimming. Secretly jump-starting his cousin's life has moved more to the forefront of his mind.

Thurs Mathers: Planning the next hotel he's building. The theme will be built around a single song, a smell, or will be theme-less, which Thurs thinks might be ultimate theme. He also has some other pursuits he doesn't like being discussed on blogs such as this one.

Gomery Overbove: He likes to draw buildings and worlds. He takes long walks down Wilshire Boulevard, too, when he gets a half hour free, which is rare.

Prior Yates: Expensive, trendy pursuits, like parabicycling or airboating, catch his eye, but since he's usually making a film, he can't indulge, since there are contract clauses that say he has to stay safe during the filming. So he watches a lot of television and dozes, since he doesn't sleep very well at night.

Sutton Von Hunt: She's at ease with about anything; no problem watching a baseball game and getting what's happening and being able to parse the stats. No problem going to a dance. No problem asking a guy to dance. No problem making dinner when her grandma is under the weather. No problem hanging with Fair Finley when she's up in her head and twisted about something.

Fair Finley: If thinking could be a pastime, Fair's an ace. She reads and she naps and she watches people, especially at the hotel, so she can figure out how to do the job she was given too soon. She's an art fan. She likes that a picture can say something important instantly. That's not her forte, saying something concisely or getting to the point.

Wil and Bo Finley: They once took Dip #459, which happens to be a feta-gouda-shallot-apricot dip, and attempted to fill the Moonbeam Threshold, which would actually take about 300 gallons to fill, so they were off by several hundred gallons, much to their gooey, sticky disappointment. And their sister's.


wealhtheow said...

Prior Yates needs a hug. And possibly some french fries.

bess said...

Thurs needs a hug too, I think. Maybe they can hug each other and then go out for cheese fries?

Wilfair Book said...

Ohhh, that is intriguing.

myrandaroyann said...

And the plot thickens... :D I need to hug everyone! Fair, that's me: reading and napping. Is there a career field I can go into that will pay me to read and nap? Also, maybe allow me to play with puppies all the time? I apologize for the weirdness of this post. It is late and I am procrastinating...and tired.

Erika said...

Word! If you find this job I'd love to be your coworker!

Chiara said...

I think I want to go to a party with Sutton and Monty, that would be fun! We'll take Fair and Gomery as well of course because they both need to have real fun once in a while.

Maybe Thurs and Prior can come and babysit Wil and Bo? During the sitting they can hug and then all four of them will have fries with a selection from the 500 dips.

Wilfair Book said...

myrandaroyann: Late commenting is always so entertaining! I do it far too often. And I support naps and puppies. This is true: I keep a file of puppy photos for when I feel down. Yes, I am that person.

Erika: If you find that job, shout!

Chiara: I have to do a post about you and Sutton. You've mentioned her a few times. Love. I can get a bit Fair/Gomery-focused but I want to give all the peeps attention. Yeah, I said "peeps."

PS I would worry about Prior babysitting the boys; I think he'd be out of his element. Thurs might be texting the whole time. When the older guys looked up their charges would be gone. Probably downstairs racing the bell carts.

But I ALWAYS support the consumption of dips!

Chiara said...

Haha, don't worry! I've just realized recently that I think she's really interesting. But I love all the characters!

True, very good point. I was just looking for a way to use them in my plans with the others as well. Maybe Sutton's grandmother can come and babysit while Prior and Thurs eat fries and dips.

Also, when we all come back from partying I'd probably want some dips as well. And fries.

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