Yellowstone's epic Old Faithful Inn was built over a hundred years ago. This means that the original building has dormitory-style bathrooms; each hallway has one for men and one for women. Call it camp for grown-ups.

Staying at the hotel was a dream for me. And when I visited the loo in the middle of the night I decided to have a little nighttime scamper. No matter that I was in my plaid flannels and my hair was mussy; I wanted to experience what a storied landmark feels like in perfect stillness. I wandered about the lobby's grand mezzanine and peeked over railings and tried to see, or at least hear, the eponymous geyser out the front balcony.

No employee scolded me for my pajama'd ramblings, sad to say. It was, indeed, a very mild but vaguely mysterious adventure.

Then, with a few pre-"Redwoodian" ideas twirling in my atmosphere, I returned to bed. But not before snapping this blurry hallway shot to remind me of my lengthy nocturnal side trip back from the loo.


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