Screwdriver Screwdriver

“I want the screwdriver and I want the snood.” 
“Cocktail screwdriver? Or screwdriver screwdriver?” 
Screwdriver screwdriver.” Saying “screwdriver” twice in the dark to Gomery Overbove was about a thousand times more interesting than saying the word “cup.
Screwdriver screwdriver,” he repeated. “What do you mean 'the screwdriver and the snood'?"
“Just. Are you okay with two conflicting concepts occupying the same space?”
He glanced down at his cheese-laden tie. “One thousand percent.”

© Photographer: Remy Levine | Agency:


myrandaroyann said...

I'm going to reveal my dorkiness: my first thought upon seeing the title of the post was, "Doctor Who?"


Wilfair Book said...

That is very good dorkiness to reveal! I added a bit more to the post. It was a tad subtle before. ;)

wealhtheow said...

I think Gomery is a HUGE Doctor Who fan.

Wilfair Book said...

You could be right, Lady wealhtheow! Or maybe classic '60s-era "Star Trek." He's got a streak of Vulcan to him, I think.

bess said...

Oh, classic era Star Trek! I think a crush on Mr. Spock in my formative years has had a lasting impact on my taste in men.

Erika said...

What is it about that cheesy tie?!? I don't know why it affects me so!

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