Spark and Ignition

There's spark and there's ignition.

The spark, for me, is when the briefest moment indicates something interesting could begin between two people. The ignition is when that spark alights.

So, where do those come in "Wilfair"?

I have pretty strong ideas where the spark and ignition happens for Fair. When Gomery says "international incident" when he's on the phone in the motel lobby, that's the first little electrical current Fair feels. It's playful and a bit out of bounds for him, so he's taking a chance, and she recognizes that.

And the ignition?

It happens when Gomery and Monty return to the motel and find a soused man and his date giving Fair a hard time. Fair wants to remain professional, of course; she's never worked at the motel and wants to do a good job.

And then this happens: Gomery tilted his head in my direction and dropped his voice. "She has the inside track on every, and I mean every, discount omelet in this entire town."

He's doing two things here. One? He's including Fair for the first time. Yes, he invites her back to the motel to meet Prior Yates, but that was a bit more formal. She's now involved in a private joke. She's not an outsider to what he and Monty are talking about but rather a key player.

He's also pretty pleased with himself and is showing off a little for her. His cousin is the one who steps up to the plate more often on the big punchlines, but he feels he's made a pretty solid joke.

Just my thought. Do you have a different opinion? Also, can spark and ignition happen years apart? Can sparks die and then flare up again, bigger than before? My vote, maybe not too surprisingly, is yes on both counts.

I'll get to when spark and ignition happen for Gomery in another post, but feel free to say if you have an idea.


bess said...

I'm going to hazard a guess that a moment for Gomery is when catches Fair spying on the motel from her window and does her goofy pantomime which cracks him up. I'm not sure whether this falls under spark or ignition or something else but I get the impression that he's a person who doesn't get the chance to laugh that often - at least not that bellyaching, uncontrollable, laughter- so this is big for him.

Wilfair Book said...

YESYESYESYES. Four excited yeses. Spark, probably, I think.

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