"Stay Awhile" Green

I fear I've been overblown and wordy in recent posts, so here are two less serious photos.

My wonderful friend Tracy -- you may remember her as the woman unafraid to climb on the prehistoric sloth statues* at the La Brea Tar Pits -- painted my toenails green over the weekend to echo a particular cover on the right rail. So now my toes are rockin' some "Stay Awhile" green. (I think the actual polish name might have been Mojito, for you mojito mavens out there.)

Yep, she has a headlamp she wears when she primps her pals. She's hilarious and nerdy and full of love and brimming with zest. A light in my world, headlamp or not.

* Climbing is permitted on the outdoor sloths, I should say. If you ever walk with me around The Wilfair neighborhood, we'll pay the slothies a visit.


bess said...

What a fun mojito color! I enjoy the book-specific pedicures.
What colors do Fair and Sutton do their nails?

myrandaroyann said...

I love that question, Bess! I have a nail polish addiction. I have a whole drawer full of nail polish!

Wilfair Book said...

Ladies: I will write a little something next week. Thanks for the suggestion.

myrandaroyann: What's your favorite color?

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