Stay Awhile Preview -- Page 51

Mostly spoiler-free. Definitely unedited. Changes possible. Let me know if these get annoying. :)   

             Monty strode with Monty-like confidence to the nearest chair and nudged the occupant flopped across it. “Hey hey. Guy. You gotta get down on the floor. We’re having a chair emergency.”
            “Erf?” asked the sleeper. "A chair emergency?"
            “This extremely official executive here? In the fancy hairnet?”
            The sleeper blinked at me. “Isn’t that a snood?”
“The executive in the snood apologizes for the inconvenience. Among everything else she likes to say sorry about. Which is everything that can be sorry’d. She’s so sorry she’ll be happy to give you a free room at a future date if you see the front desk in the morning. Tell 'em Fair Finley sent you. And grab all the complimentary toothbrushes you can stuff your pockets with. You can’t pass an opportunity like that up.”
            “I like free toothbrushes.” The sleeper slid onto the floor, next to a gorgeous older woman.


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