The Lonely Nice Guy

The lonely nice guy is just about my favorite type of character. If you've read "Wilfair" you may have guessed that, she typed wryly.

One of my all-time favorite lonely nice guys is C.C. Baxter, a young corporate employee moving up through his company's ranks.

He appears in "The Apartment," a 1960 film directed and co-written by the great Billy Wilder. If you've seen the film you know it can't quite be described as a romantic comedy. There are some harder themes, like infidelity and work-life strife, but. BUT. But it is a funny movie, too, and so sly, and so witty, and very romantic. Shirley MacLaine is pert as all get-out and Jack Lemmon as C.C. Baxter? Swoon.

He's that quintessential lonely nice guy, and Mr. Lemmon summoned that sweet sadness so perfectly and with such complexity that he melts my heart each time. And I've seen this movie a lot.

And this photo? Yep. (More great stills here.)

Do you have a favorite movie or book lonely nice guy? Harry from "When Harry Met Sally..." might be one, right? Colonel Brandon from "Sense and Sensibility"? Thoughts?


bess said...

The Apartment has been on my list of movies to watch for a long time, I guess I should finally make the time. I love Billy Wilder, especially Ball of Fire and Some Like It Hot.

The first lonely, nice guy that come to mind is Nino in Amelie but I can think of more...

Wilfair Book said...

Oh man. I have first-time-watching-"The-Apartment"-envy. Let me know what you think! I'm a big "Some Like It Hot" fan, too.

In fact, the Hotel del Coronado, the hotel in the film, isn't an inspiration for any of the Wilfair hotels, but it is a hotel I like a lot. It has a famous ghost *and* its dining room chandeliers were designed by L. Frank Baum.

Also? "Amelie" -- :)

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