The bases -- first base, second, and so forth -- amuse me. Or bemuse me? Perhaps confuse me? 

But it seems a pity there aren't bases for everything that lead up to a kiss; I feel like all of those little moments are milestones as well, but they rarely seem to get the spotlight.

Are the smaller moments subtler than what we associate with the bases? Probably. Are they sweeter? I won't put an accidental hand brush up against whatever second base happens to be this year, but I feel like the innocent attentions that lead to a person actually getting up to bat deserve kind and thorough consideration.

I'm a glutton, frankly, for any gesture that happens long before a person and her potential sweetheart arrive at the baseball park. And I want a game metaphor that's a better fit for meaningful looks and when your feet touch someone else's feet under a dinner table but you're not quick to move them back under your own chair.

Who plays squash out there? Curling? Badminton? Let's get a more innocent point system going for Everything Before a Kiss. Or, better yet, let's skip the points all together and just enjoy the drive to the field.

Fair Finley doesn't even own a bat, but I'm pretty sure she knows now how to get to the sporting goods store.


Chiara said...

The whole bases thing is actually quite funny for me as a non-American because baseball isn't a big sport to begin with here so the whole metaphor doesn't work that way for us. We learn about the bases from movies, TV shows and books but they're different everywhere so it's always confusing, haha!

I'm all for more attention to the pre-kissing stages. All those little moments deserve attention as well because in many ways they're even more exciting than the actual bases. It's sort of the same as the roads leading to a relationship that was discussed elsewhere here.

Erika said...

I wish there were pre-base-bases as well.

Chiara is there an equivalent over there?

Chiara said...

Nope, can't say there is anything like it people use here.

Wilfair Book said...

That's interesting that you mainly learn about them from movies and such, Chiara!

And I think you nailed it; the bases are different everywhere, and I think they change over time.

Makes me wonder what they might have been a hundred years ago.

And the larger issue is why they're important; there is a competitive edge, using a sports analogy, I think. Bases are often used for bragging and/or measuring if you are "normal," compared to your peers, which seems stressful to me.

But then I've said it before: I'm a committed fuddy-duddy in many ways.

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