Do you picture real actors as specific characters when you read?

I do and I don't; sometimes I can't help picturing people after seeing a film, like seeing Emma Thompson as Elinor Dashwood, even if I've read the book long before the movie came out.

When I write I try to think of wholly new people with their own appearance and style; in short, I'm not casting as I type. This is fairly impossible, of course, so I usually do not do a great job at it. I admitted to the fact that there are a few musicians who could be in Gomery's family tree. I'm trying to stay mum on this topic, because I like readers to see the people they want to see.

But it seems lame to write this post and not give a little tidbit. Fair Finley's mom is a confident, in-charge executive, and while I don't think she looks like her, Frances McDormand has some of Mrs. Finley's spark. She is one of my favorite actors.

Anything to add from your own life or reading experiences? Do you cast characters? Is it hard for you to see a film made from a book you love, when all the people look different than you expected?


Chiara said...

I don't really do it while reading a book when there's no movie version, however once I've seen a movie of a book, I end up picturing characters as the actors.

Concerning this, a pet peeve of mine is when characters have a distinct feature, or features concerning their appearance and they don't end up looking like that in the movie.

Wilfair Book said...

It's true. If a character has a very specific thing about them, and it is mentioned several times in the book, I at least appreciate seeing them make a go at it in the film. It isn't always what the reader has pictured but at least it is consistent.

There are a lot of offbeat jobs here in Hollywood. Wouldn't it be interesting to be a casting director whose specialty was translating characters from book to screen?

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