Flynn and Rapunzel

Disney movies? I'm a longtime fan.

But my favorite couple is probably the most recent: Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. I adored "Tangled" and thought it worked on all levels (the scene at the Snuggly Duckling tavern, with its singing miscreants, is perfection itself).

Mostly, though, I like how Flynn and Rapunzel work together and are patient and nice with each other. Well, after Rapunzel stops clocking him with her trusty frying pan. It can be tricky to make a modern princess movie, but this film succeeded by helping make the saved the saver, in a way.

Let's also note -- and this is a bit of a spoiler, so plug your ears and la-la-la here, if you must -- that Flynn doesn't actually climb the tower to save Rapunzel; she is an active participant in her own leaving-the-tower scenario. It felt satisfying to me, how that played out.

Other things to note: Love Pascal the chameleon. Love the lantern scene. And props to Glen Keane, the film's animation director and an artist I admire, and Alan Menken, the man behind the music. It is a beautiful work, down to the kingdom's sun symbol.

"Wilfair" has a few fairy tale references here and there, including Monty's "girl in the tower"-directed jokes at Fair. When I first started the books the legend of Rapunzel seemed an apt reference to include, what with that tall hotel and all. Though, really, only Fair is keeping Fair away from the world.

 I did listen to "I See the Light" from "Tangled" while writing the middle portion of "Redwoodian"; I specifically tie the song, in my mind, to Gomery and Fair being out on the icy terrace. (Plus, duets? You know I'm obsessed.)

Do you have a favorite a) Disney film or b) on-screen couple? wealhtheow, I saw you mention "Lilo & Stitch," which we probably have to discuss. Stitch. Is. The. Best.

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Erika said...

Just as I think that you could not pull more that I love out of your hat you do.

I love me some No Face and I love Tangled! My husband loves Flynn Rider and we saw Tangled more times than I am willing to admit -- in theaters. Also I own most of Miyazaki's films because I LOVELOVELOVE him. Especially The Cat Returns. It combines my love for Miyazaki and Carry Elwes.

My favorite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast (that library!) and I have more onscreen couples than I am willing to admit but I will admit that as of yesterday my love for Nick and Jess from New Girl has been restored in a full comeback... even if they aren't technically together.

I think I love a story with romance in it so much that picking a couple is difficult. Also I have written a lot and rambled a bit here so I am gonna go... and watch Doctor Who...

Chiara said...

I recently saw Brave and it became an instant favorite. Such an awesome and strong little girl!

I admit that I haven't seen Tangled yet, I should totally remediate that fact like yesterday!

Wilfair Book said...

Erika: "Beauty and the Beast" -- I love me some Lumiere. Haven't been watching "New Girl" but I should start; friends tell me so. CARY. ELWES. Hello. Yes. "Doctor Who" -- what did you think? Loved the surprise reveal of the very largest of the Weeping Angels, but my husband wondered if there is ever a time no one is looking at that particular statue. Yes, we talk a lot after TV shows here at Casa Painter. Have to break everything down, story-wise. :)

Chiara: "Brave" definitely had a strong lead! I also loved all the rich greens and blacks in the film. It was kind of low-lit, in a way, but I loved it; so many kids movies are so bright.

Chiara said...

New Girl! How did I overlook that! Love the show, so cute and yes to Jess and Nick! I loved their scenes together last week.

Yes, the colors in Brave were pretty amazing and I loved the music as well. Besides Merida, I really liked her mother as a strong woman as well. Oh, and the witch who was not as evil as we usually see them. I was really impressed by the non-romantic plot turn as well. Absolutely loved how the movie turned all the usual stereotypes on its head and retold familiar stories with a new take.

Erika said...

I'm still on season 6 but I have long wondered about certain statues in New York. :)

Chiara! AHHH!!! YOU WATCH NEW GIRL?!?! It makes my week happy. Sometimes I save them for bad days so that things will get better very quickly.

Also, Brave was awesome!!

Wilfair Book said...

Erika! Eep! I'm glad I wasn't too spoilery. If I had made the reveal and you told me you were still on season 6 I probably would have personally driven a gallon of Gill's Cappuccino Crunch ice cream to you, because I'd feel so badly.

Mouth, zipped, et cetera.

bess said...

New Girl and Doctor Who? This really is my type of crowd. And they almost combined in a wonderful way with (almost) Future Nick.

Hmmm, I haven't seen any of the newer Disney films yet but I loved Beauty and the Beast for Belle's smarts. As for Disney heroes, though, I was always partial to Robin Hood as a fox.

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