Hotel Drawer Pull Necklace

When I finished "Wilfair," and later "Redwoodian," I headed for Etsy and bought a little meaningful something to mark the moment. (Both had taken a bit to write, and while I'm not generally a give-stuff-to-myself person, I longed for something tangible outside of the books to remind me.)

Here's what commemorates "Wilfair": a brass hotel drawer pull from The Plaza Hotel in New York City. (Home to "Eloise," of course.) The pull, which likely backed a drawer handle long ago, was fashioned into a necklace by scavengerjo. It's quite unusual, a bit large, a bit heavy, and I love it.

I'll post a photo of what I ordered after "Redwoodian"; it summons a particular moment in the book. Maybe next week.

And I'm thinking about "Stay Awhile" and what might represent that story best. I have thoughts. This won't give much away if you decide to click here.


bess said...

That is gorgeous! I like that there are items that represent the books so clearly.

Wilfair Book said...

I never thought I'd be wearing a drawer part around my neck but it works. Again: It's heavy. Brass-heavy. Drawer-fixture heavy. But very pretty.

Chiara said...

I like your idea of rewarding yourself and that necklace looks gorgeous! Love the thing for Stay Awhile as well, so cute!

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