The Wilfair Hotel's lobby is a bustling place. There's a front desk -- or "reception," if you prefer -- and a fireplace sitting area. There's the small Ferris wheel and the table with the flower spray. Then there are elevators which are near the back doors that lead out to the citrus topiaries. (Beyond the topiaries? The Motel Fairwil pool and the motel itself.) And, finally, there is the Faraway Passageway, with the 500 Dip Bar at one end, a gift shop, a ballroom, some shadowy alcoves, and the Moonbeam Threshold.

When I first imagined The Wilfair lobby I kept thinking of the bus station in "In Happened One Night," a movie I love that, now that I think about it, has a rather apt title for what has been going down in "Redwoodian."

Here's a peek at the film's bus station, which, in the end, looks nothing like The Wilfair's more cavernous lobby but does share some of its busyness and its conversational hum.


bess said...

Love this movie! Claudette Colbert is also wonderful in The Palm Beach Story.

Wilfair Book said...

Love Claudette Colbert! I'm kind of obsessed with her hat in this scene. What would you call it? It's like a hat a stylish elf might wear. Or a gnome?

bess said...

That hat is good, it's like a little beanie.

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