There's a lot of joking that goes down in the "Wilfair" books, mainly courtesy of one Montgomery Y. Overbove, aka Monty.

I come from a funny family; we regularly try to outdo each other for laughs, which can get a little exhausting (but always hilarious). I'm the least funny of the bunch, for sure; I do love to sass and tease, but I edit and polish my contributions, in my head, too much, rather than letting them fly.

Monty, and his love of the one-liner, will get more play in "Stay Awhile"; I'm not sure he lands every joke, and some of them definitely fall flat, but I hope that is part of his particular Monty charm.

I think I said in another post that Gomery is my favorite person to write but Monty may be the easiest; sometimes when I'm writing another character's dialogue I'm already anticipating what Monty will say, in the way people too often wait to get to their joke in a conversation.

Here's my all-time favorite joke, and it is perfectly clean. I heard it years ago on "Lamb Chop's Play Along."

Q: "If Mississippi borrowed Missouri's New Jersey, what will Delaware?"

A: "Alaska."

Now, a story. When I last renewed my license I ended up in line at the DMV behind Bernard Rothman, a Hollywood writer who wrote for Shari Lewis and Lamp Chop. (This is not an uncommon LA story, meeting well-known people in odd places like the Department of Motor Vehicles.)

Mr. Rothman was a lovely man, and when I told him how much I loved this joke, he was thrilled. He remembered including it in that particular episode. (I'm embarrassed to say I can't remember if he was the author of the joke or if it was a much older gag; I think I may have been laughing too much.)

There is no moral to this story except this: I have a favorite joke and, completely randomly, I met the person responsible for me knowing it. Now, whenever I see the photo on my license, I remember why I look like I've been laughing.

So, what's your oft-told joke?


Carly said...

I love that you anticipate what Monty will say, especially because I do when I'm reading. He can make anything sound semi-dirty. Whenever one of the other characters makes a comment that is in any way suggestive, I skim ahead to see if Monty "went there."

Wilfair Book said...

Carly: I'm an odd little duck, I suppose. No action in the stories but plenty of innuendo. I don't know what that category is called.

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