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When I first thought about the character of Monty Overbove, I had to decide if I wanted him to constantly quote famous movie lines (as cinema lovers do in my own life).

I opted to not have him do that, for a few reasons. The main reason is I wanted "Wilfair" to be of no specific year. I wanted it to be a story lacking in modern pop culture references. In short, I wanted a "timeless now" for the world in which the books exist.

Save the older movies cited in the first book -- "Rear Window" and a few other early flicks -- there are no recent references that would tie the books to a particular time. If I'm wrong, or I did add something, please shout; I think "Redwoodian" is almost totally devoid of current pop culture markers but something may have slipped my mind.

This isn't to say I don't absolutely, 1000% adore pop everything; I'm a nerd in all ways, for books, films, comic books, games, cartoons. Like, I am that annoying person who will gladly act out a scene with you, over dinner, if you wish. That person. Hi.

Here's a two-parter question: What's your favorite movie quote? What's your favorite movie reference other films, genres, books, et cetera?


"Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" Auntie Mame (1958) (I'm going to write a full-on Auntie Mame post soon, because I'm such a fan.) (And, yep, Mame was a book first, so props to author Patrick Dennis.)

"Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" (2010) (Uh, Edgar Wright? Hearts ♥♥♥)


wealhtheow said...

My husband and I communicate largely in movie quotes. I can't even begin to pick just one, but here are some of our favorite movies to quote: Blazing Saddles; Real Genius; Mean Girls; Life of Brian; Monty Python & The Quest for the Holy Grail; Lilo and Stitch; and I'm sure a bunch of others that aren't springing to mind right now.

Wilfair Book said...

Monty Python. Monty. Python. Michael Palin is my #1 comedy crush, hands down. Has been since I was 14. My husband and I are huge Python people. Like. I can't leave this comment without saying this:

"He is not the Messiah. He's a very naughty boy!"

Ohhhhhhh, don't get me started. Are you a "Meaning of Life" fan, too?

Gahhhhh. I'm such a fangirl and unrepentant name-dropper but one day I'll tell you about working on a John Cleese TV show here in LA. Lovely man. I'd answer the phone -- I was an assistant -- and he'd always say "Alysia, dahhhling, how are you?"


Clearly you pushed my Python button, wealhtheow.

bess said...

A little late to the party but my sister and I LOVE Auntie Mame, we've probably seen it a million times. She's sworn that if I have kids she'll be their wild, bohemian Aunt, in that vein.

As for quotes, there are so many, Lord of the Rings stuff comes up a lot at my house as does Hot Fuzz (speaking of Edgar Wright).

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