1. Do you like the stories in book form? I fight the urge, nearly every day, to just publish whole chapters here. There is a small move toward serialization in epublishing, and that tempts me, but I worry that people might miss a chapter or two along the way. Still, I'm a fan of innovations, and I never mind jumping into the fray, even if the kinks are still being worked out. (As long as the fray isn't too bumpity, of course, but that can't always be predicted.)

2. Should my Facebook page be called Wilfair, rather than my name? (It was rightly observed this is a personal matter. Agreed. I think shorter/punchier tends to help with Facebook stuff, and I do have quite the long name.) (Though I trust what works for you best, and love feedback.) (I'll probably leave it as my name for now unless I hear a better argument otherwise.) (I can't stop typing words inside parentheses.)

3. Should I be doing giveaways and such? Here's a thought: If you do something related to the books, draw a picture or write a little story, and I can publish it on the blog, I'll be happy to send you the next ebook (let's make this for the next three people who are interested). I know, the ebooks aren't priced all that high. I like the barter system, though. I could have lived very happily in a medieval village, trading the miller loaves of fresh bread for grain.

4. I think I've referenced millers here before. I must have a thing.

5. Are you okay -- and I mean this, seriously -- with "Stay Awhile" being significantly longer than the other two books? Believe me, this is forefront on my mind these days, especially since I said I wanted to keep the books all about the same length several posts ago.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That was a good one. Hoo boy. Wiping my eyes. Sigh.

It's longer but, I hope, tight and fast; my goal, always. If I'm not following the golden arrow through the book, I'm off course. No worries, though; there are some light scenic routes along the way.

You guys make my day! Every little check-in cheers and emboldens. Thank you, truly.


wealhtheow said...

1. YES. I would much rather have book than serials.

2. That's a rather personal matter, and I'm not comfortable commenting on it. ;-)

3. I would barter with Fair. I would make her sweet potato fries in exchange for her snood expertise.


Chiara said...

1. Book please! I rather read the whole story at once.

2. I really can't say, don't really have an opinion I guess? Wilfair would work for the books obviously but if you keep your name, you leave it broader and open for other things.

3. Sounds like fun!

4. Dutch mills!

5. Yes, please!!

bess said...

1. Another vote for book form. I'm a greedy reader and like to read whole books quickly and then go back and read them again.

2. Either or. Your name is fun to say and not hard to remember so I think it's good for Facebook.

3. Exciting!

4. Millers are good but I'm partial to bakers and cobblers as well. I also love the barter system.

5. Longer is not a problem at all, especially if the story requires it.

Erika said...

1. I prefer book form a well. That way I can choose the pace at which I mainline my reading. That is not to say I haven't read serial stories and enjoyed them... So I guess I prefer a book but would be ok of that were not the case.

2. I would say maybe it would be easier to find you but I honestly had no trouble and looked up your name first. I would probably stick with your name.

3. I live a good giveaway! Also bartering for books, I could be down with this!

5. I love it when books are longer by people I enjoy reading (I.e. you, J.K. Rowling, Jane Austen, etc.) because it means that I get more book goodness. I LOVE book goodness!!!

kitzie said...

1. Book for sure. Who is pushing the serial trend? Those weird Dickensian Christmas fair people? If so, I wouldn't trust it. Obvs if you're going to dress up as anything, it should be Austen or perhaps Scooby-Doo themed.

2. I think you've got this.

3. I really like this bartering idea, but I don't do anything related to books or arty creativey things. Would you be willing to barter science consultations for books? Perhaps with special emphasis on genetics?

4. I love tangents. :)

5. So okay with this! A longer good book is just more to love.

Wilfair Book said...

These answers are MARVELOUS. Thank you, ladies. Post ahead addressing all of this.

Kitzie, I'm a huge "Spirited Away" fan. H. U. G. E. Also, I'm going to take your genetics post seriously and think on that.

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