Something in the Fog

If you've driven the Golden Gate Bridge -- or heck, even seen a photo -- you know that there's a massive orange tower that's just ahead of our car in the photo below. It's several stories high. It's a symbol of San Francisco. And yet the fog obscures it, completely.

I love mystery, but not necessarily cloak-and-dagger stuff (that's fun, too, but lower down my personal list). The mystery I like is what's in the fog, in the distance, of our lives and our minds and our relationships. The stuff that's sort of right outside of our immediate realm.

(Did you know I'd get so immediately deep on a Monday morning, when I should be yawning over a cup of coffee? I had no idea when I began this post, truly. Please forgive and be patient with me.)

Fair Finley's family owns a hotel near the Golden Gate Bridge called The Oppositery. It's actually two buildings, on either side of the bridge, that are opposite in every way.

I love bridges and I love opposites and I love fog and I love ethereal mystery, the stuff that's just beyond our mind's and heart's borders. I call it metaphysical in the books but it really is just about asking big questions and being open to wonder and beauty.

Take that, Monday!


Chiara said...

I love fog, it makes the world look so cozy and yes, mysterious.

How did I miss The Oppositery in the list of hotels? That place sounds so awesome! I love that it's on opposite sides of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Wilfair Book said...

Fog! It is extra impressive in San Francisco. I can't believe it can make an 887-ton bridge nearly disappear, but it can.

When I debate reasons, in my own heart/mind, to keep following the stories of the Wilfair world, The Oppositery often pops up. I would love to write some tales set in this hotel and San Francisco. This photo kind of sums up the feel of that book. Foggy and chilly and things just out of sight.

Plus I already can picture the cover. :)

Chiara said...

I want to travel to San Francisco and see the fog, it seems awesome.

First I can wait for the two already planned books of course but a book about the Oppositery seems wonderful.

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