Star Signs

Happy September, or few days into September, lovely people who swing by here. I'm on a lighter posting schedule this week, and perhaps next. Then I'll be back at it. (You can't see me but I'm jogging/punching the air/muscling my arms, montage-style, like from a fight movie, to indicate how back at it I'll be.)

Chiara asked a charming question the other day: What are the characters' star signs?

As we're currently in my own star sign, I thought it would be a good moment to answer. (I bet you couldn't tell "Wilfair" was written by a Virgo, given that it is a bit fussy and focuses, to some extent, on modesty, womanly attributes, and over-analysis of one's self.) (Kidding.) (I love my birthday month, by the way.) (Because I love fall.)

Moving on.

Fair Finley's, Monty Overbove's, and Gomery Overbove's middle initials fall in a row; Sutton Von Hunt calls them "X, Y, Z." Fair's the Z, Monty's the Y, Gomery's the X.

Their birthday months also fall in a row: December, January, and February. Fair is December -- it has been revealed her 20th is a week away in the stories -- but the guys' birthdays haven't been revealed yet. They are indeed the first two months of the year, and, they will both turn 21. They're both Aquariuses, which is my own tribute to the fact that every boyfriend I've had has been an Aquarius (including my perfectly Aquarius husband) and one of my two best friends is as well. Who arrived on earth first, Gomery or Monty? It's in "Stay Awhile."

Fair's the middle of December, so she's Sagittarius. A tribute to my other best pal. And also handy for the "Wilfair" stories, which begin in December, right before her birthday.

Sutton's a Taurus; May birthday. A small homage to my awesome oldest brother. (My other brother is as awesome, I should say; I'm a lucky little sister.)

Prior Yates is a Libra/Scorpio, but always tries to own the Scorpio side more, given its sexier rep. I say he's more Libra.

Thurs Mathers has not revealed his birthday or what he does for it. I'm putting money on summertime, and Cancer. He could be more caring than his rich-boy rep lets on.

Are you like your star sign? I must admit I'm not the strictest adherent to star signs or what they mean, though I adore the cosmos and the constellations and I could analyze my friends and whether they possess the common traits of their sign for the better part of a glass of wine.

So I say I'm not sure if I believe, but am I a Virgo in all ways? Yep. You bet. Fastidious x 10.

So, what's yours?


wealhtheow said...

I'm a Libra. Prior is totally a Libra.

Erika said...

Cancer. Oh Thurs, we crabs are big softies! Also, husband is an Aquarius and that makes me even more in love with the cousins!

I have family that is really into astrology and I have been told I am pretty firmly my star sign.

Wilfair Book said...

wealhtheow: Word.

Erika: My mom's a Cancer and lives up to the loving, caring part; I'm sure you're the same. :)

Chiara said...

Thanks for this post! Interesting :)

I'm a November girl but Fair's my star sign buddy!

I guess I'm a lot like what a Sagittarius should be like, the good and the bad. However, I'm not really sure I believe either but I am always surprised at how much I recognize myself in Sagittarius descriptions.

Wilfair Book said...

Some of my favorite people are November babies!

I'm not a believer, except for fun, but I do think we are kind of like our times of year, if that makes sense. I'm a big fall person, and my birthday comes at the start of fall.

Chiara said...

I like your theory of being like the time of year because I love fall and winter, maybe winter even more than fall even though I was technically born in fall but so close to winter...

Wilfair Book said...

How is your fall where you are? My best pal in Berlin said things are changing quickly there. I wish we could have a touch of that in LA; our summer starts late and ends late, usually around Halloween.

Chiara said...

Fall here can be quite diverse, usually things indeed change very quickly and it gets cold all of the sudden but we can have glorious sunny fall days as well. Most of the time, it just gets colder with rain and wind though. And then it only gets colder until we get snow. I hope.

Wilfair Book said...

Ohhh, snow. I adore snow, but perhaps because I've never truly lived with it. I can get to snow in a couple of hours, but it still isn't close enough for me.

One of my favorite LA photos is palm trees in the foreground and our snowy mountains in the distance. It looks almost fake, but isn't.

Wilfair Book said...

Here's a photo from the LA Times.

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