The post below, where I revealed that I bought an old hotel drawer pull that had been turned into a necklace, got me thinking. I'm not much of a shopper, and I generally only make "fun" purchases when they align with something special (hence the drawer pull necklace pictured below; I bought it to close the book, literally, on writing "Wilfair").

In short, I wouldn't describe myself as a "stuffist," a word Fair Finley uses with the Overboves when she first visits Motel Fairwil. I do adore experiences, and put my efforts, funds, and time there, if possible. But, every so often, a little something to summon an experience is lovely, too.

All that said, if I were to be completely honest, I'd say I am a stuffist when it comes to thrift store blazers, capes, and jackets. I have far too many for living in Los Angeles; it is rather ridiculous. I'm drawn to just about everything: plaid-n-prim, '60s-era chic, and a red coat that makes me think of the Queen from "Alice in Wonderland" (the collar is pretentiously high). Oh, my friend Stephanie calls me Madeline whenever I wear this one blue coat about town.

I love deals and I love sleuthing and I love picking through dusty racks. But as I live in LA, I compete with costumers searching to dress TV show and movie characters (and they have much keener eyes than I do). On occasion, though, I do find something spectacular and strange. Maybe I'll post a photo.

So, are you a stuffist? Or a stuffist in one area, like me and my vintage blazer obsession? Do tell.


bess said...

I'm very much a stuffist though I'm trying to mend my ways. I love digging and thrifting with friends. It's fun to have stories and memories about when and where you found things. I always manage to pick up old silk scarves, they're pretty useful for tying back my hair or jazzing up a plain outfit.

Erika said...

I am not a stuffist. If I haven't used it in a couple of months I donate it. I also don't buy myself very much.

In two areas I become a bargain seeking stuffist, books and DVDs. I am awful when it comes to books and DVDs!

Wilfair Book said...

Erika! Yes. Books and DVDs. I hear you. Those far, far outnumber my thrift store jackets. It's an issue. A good issue, of course; they're not bad things to have crowding a shelf. :)

Bess: You seem like an old silk scarf person to me!

Chiara said...

I'd be a book and DVD stuffist as well I guess. Other than that I might also be a concert ticket stuffist and while yes, I do keep the stubs, I meant the actual concerts so more like a concert memory stuffist?

Wilfair Book said...

Concert memory stuffist is a great thing to be. What's your favorite concert you've seen? Second question: What was your first?

Chiara said...

My favorite concert? I've been too many! Definitely a Gianna Nannini concert but by now I also think that my concert memories of all the ones I attended of Gianna Nannini (which is about 70 time, oops!) are sort of muddled so I don't think I can pinpoint one... The best ones were the ones my complete group of friends was together obviously. I'm trying to remember one concert that might be the best but I seriously can't, when I think of one, I remember another one.

My first concert was of a Belgian band called Clouseau. I don't even remember when it was but it's a long time ago, I used to like them a lot when I was younger and when they came to town my mom took me to see them because I was too young to go by myself, which is probably also i don't exactly remember what year it was, haha!

Wilfair Book said...

A true fan! So when you see Gianna Nannini, are you tempted to sing along with every song? Is it hard not to? My husband has seen his favorite band I think 22 times, and he has that issue. He wants to be in the moment and enjoy the show but the music is so familiar to him he wants to mouth along.

I don't know Clouseau. I will look them up!

My first concert was Captain and Tennille. I was a wee, wee tot but "Love Will Keep Us Together" was my favorite song, so my parents decided to take me. It was very overwhelming and exciting.

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