The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences -- the people behind the Oscars -- will open a movie museum at the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles in 2016.

The Wilfair Hotel, for which this blog and series is named? Yep. It's on that very intersection, as its combo name suggests. (It's at Wilshire and Fairfax in an alternate book universe, of course.)

The new museum was announced some time ago but initial sketches were just released last week. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will move into a vintage department store but the back of the building will be transformed into something I'll call "sophisticated science fiction," complete with giant glass globe.

I'm obsessed with unusual buildings. This will not be a surprise to you, if you've read the "Wilfair" books. And that an older building is being added onto in a whimsical and interesting way? And it happens to be located at the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax? And the whole place will be a pantheon of visual storytelling? Please. LOVE. SO. MUCH.

Yep. I'm getting my squee on. Over an intersection. Hi.

(Actually, that might make for a good litmus test to see if you should take a chance on the "Wilfair" books: Are you comfortable with a writer who a) squees over city corners b) talks in detail about forearms c) skips hard swears but not hard yearning d) likes old-fashioned accessories e) while liking the modern era f) and women in charge and g) will write a talky, ten-page scene built around a hug that both hugees are pretending isn't quite a hug? I'm your lady.)

Honestly, I don't know what it is about the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax. Darling reader wealhtheow has visited it -- one of my favorite pictures ever attests to this fact -- so she can confirm the corner is pretty citified and somewhat noisy. But it is magical to me. Something is just beneath the surface. Truly something is, what with the nearby tar pits, but something else, too. The area feels rich with fictional possibility.

Do you think the Wilfair people will visit the movie museum next door to have adventures? Will they try on costumes from displays? Will they enter the movies themselves? Will Prior Yates have his own exhibit there?

See ya -- off to jot down stuff!

cr: Renzo Piano Building Workshop/Studio Pali Fekete/Academy Museum of Motion Pictures


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