When I first started these stories, I think I thought about character building in a very top-level, linear way, perhaps like all writers do at some point. Who is Fair Finley? What is her background? What does she want? What does she want that she doesn't yet know that she wants?

Fair is a very internally focused character at the start of the stories. She lives in her head, so building her character around her inward quirks was a necessity. Now that she's growing a little less self-focused, her character and the other people of "Wilfair" are revealed more in how they relate to each other and the situations they face.

That has been a challenge and a pleasure, finding out who this inward-looking person is via her friendships and how she connects and takes action.

And who the other characters are, too. I've visited the "Wilfair" world nearly every day for a few years, and I can say my energy and enthusiasm for returning to the writing remain suspiciously high. Not that I never face problems or thorns on this storytelling road, because I do.  But I'm committed to these characters and their relationships with each other and I want to see how they'll turn out.

And that's ultimately what keeps it fresh for me, day in and day out: relationships. My favorite pairs tend to shift from week-to-week -- Fair and Gomery aren't always in my top spot, though I promise I give those two plenty of consideration -- and I think that's positive. For example, the cousinship of Monty and Gomery is often on my mind. I'm intrigued by two easygoing and, yep, handsome cousins who do not spend their days sparring over a girl. Rather, they have each others' best interests at heart, even if they have different life approaches and personalities.

Today I'm all about Monty and Prior Yates.

This is all to say I like how two people relate, for a friendship is a singular as a thumbprint. It's as unique as the two individuals participating in it. And I like how two people help each other in a relationship, and sometimes take, and how the taker will apologize for taking and the takee will accept the apology, or not.

I like how two friends or cousins or potential sweethearts love each other or learn to love each other. I don't even mind when twosomes venture down sad paths, as long as they can help each other out, somehow. Or send for help. Or blaze a new trail off the trail that wasn't working.

Which is my very lengthy way of getting to this question: Do you find yourself more involved with a character, or how the character relates to other people?


Carly said...

Hmmm...I think for me it's a combination of both. If I like a character or "world", I want to know everything about them/it.

For example, I have quite the thing for Monty (it's a quiet, dignified sort of literary crush...I don't talk about it much...ahem). I find that if I like or identify with a particular character, I am naturally interested in whatever they're doing and definitely like reading how they interact with others. For me, the character love comes first.

wealhtheow said...

Character relationships are HUGE for me, which is probably why Farscape is my favorite TV show of ALL TIME. If you love character interactions that evolve naturally, believably, beautifully, and heart-breakingly, this is your show.

I'm glad to hear Prior Yates and Monty will be interacting more. Prior seems like he needs a good friend and Monty fits the bill.

Wilfair Book said...

Ladies: Your thoughtful and thought-provoking comments make me think there is more to say on this topic! Thank you for weighing in.

Carly: There's a whole lot of Monty to come. Every time he's in a scene I feel like I have a special friend in the room. Should I admit that here? :)

wealhtheow: I've wanted to start "Farscape"! I'm a big Jim Henson Creature Shop fan, for one. But you've sold me on the character interactions alone.

That is VERY important to me, how people relate. So important that now I find myself not describing the "Wilfair" characters via their basic characteristics but rather who they are to each other.

Chiara said...

I'm intrigued by relationships and the way people can act in certain ways around certain people.

For your question, both I think? I mean the two go hand in hand sort of. I mean friends, family, lovers, anything, is a part of a person and what makes up that person so getting to know a character, is getting to know their relationships. I came across a lovely quite concerning this not long ago but I can't for the life of me remember what it was...

I'm looking forward to seeing more of the relationships and how the Wilfair people related to each other!

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