Thinking of the storm arriving on the East Coast. I know some people who visit this blog live in the area, so of course I'm thinking of them. Are you okay? Keeping indoors? Have something to keep you busy and upbeat? Have jugs of water and such? Perhaps I'm thinking of all the ways we're advised to prepare for an earthquake out here on the West Coast.

I lived in Washington D.C. and New York in my twenties and love them both. The Adams Morgan area of D.C. and Brooklyn especially hold my heart.

Speaking of Brooklyn, is the Two Boots still in Park Slope? Any Brookynites stopping by the blog? I spent many a happy day there enjoying a Cobb salad and a glass of chardonnay.

This is what I do, revisit good memories on stressful days. You too?


wealhtheow said...

All good over here in NoVa (Northern Virginia to y'all). We still have power and plenty of batteries and bottled water. And tomorrow Jamila and I will hopefully be able to get together to play (the kids) and drink (the moms). Stay safe everyone!!!

bess said...

Doing OK here in Maryland! So far it's windy and stormy but not as bad as predicted. We haven't even lost power (fingers crossed). I'm getting to enjoy a leisurely two days off of work too.

Wilfair Book said...

Thanks for checking in, ladies! Glad to hear all was/is well with you.

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