Do you find "Wilfair" and "Redwoodian" to be tame? Or even innocent?

I just had an exchange with someone regarding this topic. I think the books lean that way, at least for this day and age, and yet there's innuendo and some veiled, uh, spiciness in both. There's no hard swearing -- if you want to count hard swearing as anything beyond the occasional damn, hell, and crap -- and no kissing. There's kiss want in the first two books. Kiss want is a different matter, of course.

Perhaps I'm walking a bit of a fine line and wanting to have it both ways. I want the soon-to-be 20-year-old and the soon-to-be 21-year-old people in the book to act their ages, but "Wilfair" is a rarified world of old children, too. The characters have a good sense of self, generally, and are pretty unconcerned about keeping even with their peers (at least Fair is, for sure); rather, I see them setting their own paces and being okay with that.

Anywho. Perhaps I see the books as less tame than others do.

For what it's worth, I told the lovely Kitzie -- you've met her in the comments -- that if a romantic scene doesn't embarrass me and make me feel as if I'm invading the characters' privacy, I keep working on it. It must make me hot in the face and flustery before I give it my final stamp of approval. I almost feel like I want to say "guys, I'm walking in the room, hellooooo, stop whatever you're up to!" during those scenes. Which is incredibly ridiculous and annoying of me, I know.

I think there are, uhhhhh. Three of those moments in "Redwoodian"? Double that for this next book.


Anonymous said...

So this site hates my phone. *shrug* what can you do? Comment anonymously I suppose.

I have been thinking about this post for a few days and I have come to this conclusion: while I suppose I can see how people would refer to these books as tame I do not see them as such. I think you only have to read the glove removal parts, and the whisper hugs, and the window drawings, and the cheesy ties, and the fireplace chats... Well you see where I am going with this. These books make me delightfully squirmy and I don't think a 'tame' book would do that. I would advise my younger sisters and cousins to read them (and have) and in that aspect they aren't 'racy' (though in fairness I do suggest racy books to my 'younger' almost drinking age sister). So... Not tame, just not racy.

Depends on the perspective I guess though, it just is not a word I would use.

Erika :)

Wilfair Book said...

Thank you, Erika.

First off, I'm sorry on the commenting issue! I fooled with some settings but then, overnight, got some comment spam. I really want to help on this. Do you get a certain message when you try to post?

And PS, if this site has issues with you, the site's human certainly does not! ;)

Thanks for weighing in. I have more to say -- gahhh, don't I always? -- but here are a few quick thoughts.

Sometimes I think of my 13-year-old self when I write and what she would have liked. Though I would say these stories are for an older audience. But when I was 13 I liked to read more, uh, mature things, like I suspect a lot of 13yos do. I keep that in mind. I don't necessarily edit any innuendos and squirmy bits, but I try and keep the romance-physical stuff respectful and positive. If that makes sense. I won't trade one for the other. I think characters can be saucy/flirty in speech and respectful in action.

I sometimes think I'm writing on two tracks: How the characters are outwardly, which is fairly innocent thus far, and how the characters are inwardly, at least Fair, and what they are thinking and want and the heat they feel inside. One track is definitely tamer than the other.

I said "thus far" there. NOT implying anything about the upcoming book, one way or another, but I'll leave it at that!

"Delightfully squirmy" is EXACTLY what I aim for, by the way. You nailed it, Erika.

Anonymous said...

As to the comment box. It merely refuses to let me type my name in. So I can do the anonymous thing and just sign off :). It should clear up soon

wealhtheow said...

No, the glove thing is definitely more seductive than pages of more explicit prose. It's not tame, it's .... refined. It's still swoony (SO swoony) but it's under the surface, which although certainly less titallating than something like 50 shades of grey, I find infinitely more satisfying. I don't have any kind of problem with explicit scenes, but I find they get boring after a while, while the intense sweetness and banked fire of a Gomery/Fair type romantic scene stays good for a long, long, LONG time.

Chiara said...

I'm with what has been said above! I don't think the books are tame either and I like that they contain innuendo and things that mean more than meets the eye because those are the more exciting things!

Wilfair Book said...

Okay! All good to know, ladies. I always wonder where people are at on these matters.

wealhtheow, I love your term "banked fire." That, for me, very aptly sums up what I'm trying to do in these stories. (With a little spending of the bank now and then, of course!)

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