The Band Concert

I'm wild about early Silly Symphony cartoons and vintage Mickey Mouse shorts. And as I go back over (and over and over) this third book I keep thinking of "The Band Concert," from 1935, where a whirlwind picks up Mickey, who plays a conductor, and several instrument-playing animals, and spins them around the sky.

Mickey keeps conducting, throughout the storm, regardless of what doors or debris fly his way. I've felt a bit like that this last month. There are more elements to this book, compared to the first two, and it is certainly longer, and I've wanted to unhand my baton a few times when something goes flapping off this way or that.

But if Mickey can do it I'm sticking with it, too. Everyone has worked on a big project, so everyone knows the feeling of conducting in the sky, with sheet music flying here and there. Everyone knows the feeling of keeping an eye on nine different things at once, making sure they're all working smoothly. 

The key, I suppose, is to focus on the song itself, regardless of whatever distractions tumble by.

That said, Mickey is infinitely cooler than me in all ways AND he hangs out with a lady mouse, a duck, and a giant dog. Plus, check out his brassy conductor's uniform, complete with epaulettes.

Hmm. Fair Finley could definitely rock some sassy epaulettes.

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bess said...

Oh man, Silly Symphonies were my jam as a kid. I don't recall thins one, though, I'll have to look it up. Did you ever see the one about Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet? I'm not sure if it was a Silly Symphony or just a musical short. I loved it but it would always make me cry, I just got so worried about those darn anthropomorphised hats!

Chiara said...

I'm a bit behind here and just catching up so not sure where you are with the book at the moment but sending you a hug *hugs*

Wilfair Book said...

Awww, Chiara! Thank you. That is so thoughtful and always welcome. I will take it!

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