Writing? I'm short and I'm long.

I spend each weekday writing 300-word posts for my work. It's a gig I love, and I get to be as voice-y as I care to be, which is very. (Thanks, NBC!)

But it must be succinct writing, of course, punchy and to the point. So when I started "Wilfair" I was inspired to create two shorter books. Well, shorter for the genre, I suppose.

There is, however, a big part of me, maybe the main part of me, that wants to write longer. I confessed my affection for the scenic route in storytelling in an earlier post. I don't mean I like adding flab where a story needs none; I just like going deeper into conversations and moments. I like reading how people really talk with each other, and how people really talk with each other is rarely devoid of tangents and jokes and reminders and anecdotes and things not involved in the theme of the conversation.

So I will officially be unmasked as a length lover with "Stay Awhile."

Again, I vow I've kept close to the golden arrow pointing me through the story, and haven't gone off onto too many scenic routes. But the single message I heard from readers regarding this next book was "more." You spoke straight to my heart on that one, so I've happily obliged.

And I said "unmasked" because I write this on Halloween. The original "Phantom of the Opera" is one of my favorite films, and the unmasking scene one of my favorite movie moments. Of course, the Phantom is quite the tragic character, and I would never compare me wanting to write longer with his very gloomy life in the Parisian sewers.

Still, I do feel a bit revealed with this next book, in more ways than one. That I love to write longer and juicier is the biggest reveal, certainly.

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

The bigger the new book the better,I say! I love reading long books especially in the fall and winter when a book is a staple of a happy day! Blanket, tea/coffee, book, comfy seat. Done!

- Erika

Chiara said...

For books and series I love, longer is always better!

Wilfair Book said...

Thanks, ladies! Right now my editor is advising a bit of cutting but all things I can live with. It'll still be pretty hefty.

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