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Dear lovely people.

I'm rereading and rereading and rereading "Stay Awhile" now. Next week it goes to my fantastic editor. When she's done with it -- as mentioned, it is on the long side, so I expect it will take her a bit -- I'll review all her edits then send the book to the talented team that will format and publish it. It's a multi-week project, for sure, but I'm still on track for a fall release.

You may see some it ahead of time, here or elsewhere. A few chapters? Tapping finger to chin and mulling.

This is all to say I'll be posting less over the coming weeks. But since chatting with you is one of my favorite things, I won't be away long. We need to discuss Halloween and the characters' childhood costumes. I think Monty liked to dress up as various made-up monsters, complete with homemade outfits. Gomery probably helped him design and build the more complex moving parts, like where the jaw hinged. Am I now picturing a young Gomery carrying his cousin's problematic dinosaur tail as they trick-or-treat at some houses near the motel? You bet.

If you want me to ping you when things start up again on a daily, or nearly daily, basis 'round here, please email me your info. I'll include a cute picture of a baby animal when I write you back in a few weeks. Will it be a koala or hedgehog? Chances are extremely good.

Now I leave you with a sign I like. It's in The Wilfair's neighborhood. See you soon and thank you for all that you do.


Chiara said...

And while you have been busy rereading and revising Stay Awhile, I've reread Wilfair and Redwoodian. I'm all ready for Stay Awhile now :)

I hope things are going well with Stay Awhile! I know rereading and revising can be a chore, or at least I always find it to be.

I get the email updates from the blog but I do want a baby animal! Baby animals are always welcome in my life.

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara! You are a champ. Thank you for giving the first two books another look.

And I am sure you know about the revising and rereading! It's a major task. Sometimes I reread a clunky line and I'm like, uh, did I miss that the last five times I read this page? The eyes can gloss over sometimes. (Thank goodness there are other eyes looking, too.)

Appreciate the support, as always!

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