1970s Man Hair

Carly's dedication to really considering the manly '70s hairstyles in the post below inspires this post. I love the 1970s so much -- my birth decade -- and I've always felt a kinship with a lot of the fashion, art, and music.

And men's fashion from the decade is THE. BEST. I mean, I like how the ladies were changing it up sartorially, but there was something extra suave in men's wide ties and mutton chops and the corduroy.

Obviously, the corduroy. Sigh. Corduroy, you do put the heat in the cheeks! You're getting your own post, soon, so I can sing your soft, textured praises.

I'm not sure I could pick a guy I like best from the era, but Bud Cort in "Harold & Maude" is way up there for me. I can't even really describe Harold's 1970s man hair, except it has sort of a Little Dutch Boy thing going on? Perhaps it is a pageboy? Bewitching. And his collars? WIDE.

Yep, we keep it high-minded and lit-focused here on the Wilfair blog! Well, sometimes. But sometimes I must talk '70s man hair. There's no real tie-in to the books with "Harold & Maude," except the fact that I watched this movie probably a dozen times when I was Fair Finley's age. Nearly wore my videotape right out (this was the age of VCRs).

If you've seen the film, the song "Trouble" is also on the Wilfair playlist. I like "I Think I See the Light," too.

What's your opinion on this very important topic? Do you have favorites from the decade, man hair or not?


Jamila said...

You can't talk about men's hair from the 70s without also mentioned men's FACIAL hair from the 70s. All hail Burt Reynolds' mustache: http://youtu.be/7q8BvmsKCIk

Wilfair Book said...

The 'stache close-ups in that video are the best! Yes. I have a few friends participating in Movember, and one of my pals is calling his mustache style "1970s buddy cop film." Which of course made me think of Mr. Reynolds and his epic facial hair.

In case you guys don't know Movember, and I bet you do, you will enjoy this site. An important cause and a bunch of good-hearted guys rocking the sexy stachery:


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