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Can you tell by the tenor of my recent posts I'm in an intense period of shoving/pushing/getting this next book out? Meaning I'm acting deep and introspective and whatnot? Save the Gomery and Monty clothing posts, which I personally needed? (They're below this one.)

So. It looks like this book might actually come out. Great schnikey, it's happening! It looks like it will happen in autumn, as promised in the right rail, but by a squeaker. (Autumn ends Dec. 20, right?) Meaning it'll be out for the holidays. Hooray! And it's longer! I've mentioned that, but, by jiminy, there's more book in this book!

Now this is what I need from you.

If you've been commenting here, you've been lending me support, perhaps more than you know. So I'd like to put you in the thank you section at the front of the book. If you're game, please leave your name in the comments or email me at Let me know the name you'd like (so wealhtheow and kitzie, I'm basically talking to you here).

If you've been lurking and you're like, "dang, if only Alysia knew!" Thank you. You can drop me an email if you like. I live the lurking life on a few blogs.

If we've spoken off this blog, like on Twitter or Facebook or such, please drop me a line.

Don't be shy!

Lastly, if I miss you, which would send a fine crack tearing straight through my heart, there is a fourth book coming out next year. I vow to get you in those acknowledgements.

I'm going to leave this note up for a few days, just to make sure I catch anyone who doesn't visit all that often. If you're a regular visitor, and you get a bit bored looking at this post, please feel free to scroll down and look at Gomery's pants. They're there for a reason.

Thank you for letting me thank you!


Anonymous said...

I eagerly await this book. More than any other book this Fall. Also groupon has a spooky hotel deal and because of this blog I just may buy it!

Erika :) - if you want to throw my name in I'm game. It would definitely be a first for me!

Wilfair Book said...

Consider your name thrown in!

Ohhh, a spooky hotel deal. That is intriguing. For a specific hotel? By the way, have you visited the Hotel del Coronado? Recommend a walk-through. One of the most famous of the haunted hotels. Also, L. Frank Baum designed some of the light fixtures. I know, random Alysia knowledge. :)

Your words are kind. Thanks, Erika!

Carly said...

If you put me in, I won't stop you;) Not that I've been very helpful, and you've already included me in the widget.

Anonymous said...

I have been to the Hotel in Coronado many many times :) it's awesome! Especially during Christmas time when they have the giant tree and the Ice skating rink! Yay!

Also the deals were for the Julian Goldrush, and the Power's Mansion Inn in Auburn. The Gold Rush looked fun! I still have yet to hit Julian. So that could be awesome.


Wilfair Book said...

I was JUST in Auburn! It is gorgeous there. I love Gold Country and the Sierra. And Julian, too. Julian's also an easy day trip for you, I'd think. Do you like apple pie?

The hotel that Fair's father mentions in "Redwoodian" -- Sour Suites -- is somewhere outside of Julian, in my mind.

wealhtheow said...

Aw, Alysia you are such a sweetie. I TOTALLY want to grab coffee with you next time I'm in LA. You can throw me in as Amy May, if you'd like. HOW EXCITING. Usually my scholar-husband is the one getting thanks in a book, not me!

Wilfair Book said...

Amy May it is!

We'll definitely get a coffee next time. I still can't believe you didn't tell me you were taking a photo at Wilshire and Fairfax! Although you weren't commenting here yet, so that might have been odd. But! I would have been thrilled.

I still like to picture myself driving down Wilshire and seeing some pretty lady having her photo taken and wondering "awww, wouldn't it be cool if she's posing 'cause she read 'Wilfair'?" I'm only glad I didn't see you that day and know, because I would have pulled my car over and LOST MY BANANAS. Which you've seen me do multiple times on this blog and know is not an attractive sight. I get excited over everything.

wealhtheow said...

But if you had pulled over and lost your bananas, I would have lost mine RIGHT BACK AT YOU. And then there would have been two ladies losing all their bananas right there on the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax, and I'm not sure, but I think there might be a city ordinance against that.

Wilfair Book said...

I LOVE mutual bananas-losing, though. But we totally would have gotten a few stink eyes.

LA, though. People are always being dramatic!

PS Your name, and Ms. Carly's and Ms. Erika's, are already in the book. That's how serious I am about this. VERY serious.

If I don't hear from Lady Jamila, I'll drop her a line. She is SO getting thanked.

kitzie said...

I was just saying to my lunch people that morale is low and we need things to make us happy the way big band music made people happy a long time ago. I decided what we really needed was for Netflix to put Pinky and the Brain on streaming. But you know what's cooler and more uplifting than being able to watch Pinky and the Brain anytime you want? This!!! If you'd like to put me in, you can as Christina. And I'd show it to EVERYONE I know and that I meet. Ever. :)

Wilfair Book said...

Whoop whoop! Just Christina, or your full name?

Pinky and the Brain? YES. Have I revealed my animation obsessions on this blog yet?

Big band music makes me happy! It actually may be a very small feature in the fourth book.

I'm sorry about morale; definitely sending support. Come by here for cheer! I promise not to publish *too* many posts with scary 1920s monsters symbolizing my introspective ruminations. More Monty pants!

kitzie said...

I'll email re:name.

Thanks for morale support! I am v. pro Monty pants (and Gomery shirt, I MUST add), but think the whole country is down re:politics (and hurricanes and stuff.) I feel like "Let's wait till tomorrow and see how it goes," but then just I'm happy. (Dear God let me be happy.) There's like 50% of the country that will be unhappy no matter. So we def need some clothes and music and cartoons and Stay Awhile to help ourselves and our neighbors.

Wilfair Book said...

Definitely an intense time. Agreed, kitzie, agreed.

I'm glad when my lovely ladies say they come by here for a bit of sunshine. I want the Wilfair world to be a generally happy place, even with the challenges the people in it face. Even when something isn't good in that world, I want Fair and friends to be working towards good, if that makes sense.

Gah, I'm getting way introspective. Time to go look at some guy clothing.

Email me!

Chiara said...

This is so sweet :) I would love to be a part of the thank you gang! I'd feel honored.

Jamila said...

So sweet! I love these books so much and cannot WAIT for Stay Awhile. I like the sound of Lady Jamila! Let's go with that for the book. You're the bestest.

Wilfair Book said...

Thanks, Chiara!

And I like Lady Jamila, too, Lady Jamila. I think I'll alphabetize by first name, so that's just about where you'd be in the line-up. Meant to be!

And thanks for the positive vibes, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the books and the blog!


Rebecca said...

I love these books so totally! I have a notification set up to find out the minute I can but Stay Awhile. My name is Rebecca, and I want this book so badly!

Wilfair Book said...

Hi Rebecca! So nice to meet you. And thanks!

Oh boy. Now I'm picturing someone who visits this blog telling me the book is live. That would be too funny. I'll have to set up a notification, too. (I'll be given a general window of dates by the publishing team, which means I'll check the book sites a kabillion times over like a week. Refresh, refresh, refresh.)

Are you on my Facebook page? There's a Rebecca there. Whether you're my Facebook Rebecca or not, I'm glad you're here! As I like to mention, I take requests on types of blog posts, if you want to know more about a character or part of the Wilfair world. :)

Wilfair Book said...

Erika, I just missed your sweet little note in there. Seriously, every nice word makes me push this book into December a little harder. Thank you!

myrandaroyann said...

I'm so excited to read Stay Awhile! I was ready to read it as soon as I finished the last book. I read the first two, one right after the other as fast as I could. :) It would blow my mind to be acknowledged in your book!

Thank you!

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