Dedicated to Kelly

Hooray! I asked you to share your favorite '80s love ballad and the first entry is in, direct from the UK. Thanks, Kelly! And it is 100% choice: "Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon. Kelly, you could not have known this but this song was one of the very first songs on the first "Wilfair" playlist. Oh yes it was. (Is this really your karaoke song? Quality. In a word.)

But here's the sad bit: I can't seem to find a good version of the video to include with this post. Which is making me blue, because I recall some truly remarkable hair going down.

Please me know if you have a back-up ballad I can post. In the meantime, I'm feeling some Bonnie Tyler tonight, because videos don't come more dramatic. And I know this song has been mentioned by people on this blog before as something special. It is indeed.

(And this isn't a joke: I had to resist standing at my desk and singing along, hands to the air, Bonnie-style, after a single re-viewing.)

Have another '80s ballad to submit, anyone? I'll spotlight it.


Kelly said...

Ah thank you for the dedication. Bonnie Tyler is a legend. I'd forgetten how fabulously insane the video for Total Eclispe of the Heart is! And Bonnie Tyler herself is pretty fabulously insane. Have you ever watched Never Mind the Buzzcocks? Her appearance on that show was amazing.

Haha yes I should probably be embarassed to admit that I have given a few Karaoke renditions of "Cant Fight This Feeling". It's great that the song is on your Wilfair playlist. Makes sense if I think about it, it's a great soundtrack song for Fair and Gomery. Would you consider posting your full Wilfair playlist, or is it a closely guarded secret?

As for back-up ballads, I'd have to say either Whitney Houstons "Saving all my love for you", or "It must be love" by Madness.

Wilfair Book said...

Oh, Bonnie. I just looked up "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" and found a clip. Fact: She might be my new style idol.

I'll have to watch more "Buzzcocks." I spied several Brits I enjoy, including Mr. Richard Ayoade, a gentleman who is also a favorite of Ms. Erika, one of the bloggies around here. (I regret using "bloggies" but I think I'll leave it.)

The playlist is not a closely guarded secret at all. I've already posted a few songs and am glad to do more. Watch this space!

Suggs, speaking of Madness, was one of my first crushes when I was but a wee girl.

Whitney! There's a full-scale exhibit all about her at the Grammy Museum here. I wrote it up for work. It's pretty amazing. COSTUMES. Love so much.

Kelly said...

I've been away for a few days and there are so many exiting new posts to read!

Yes definitely watch more buzzcocks, it makes me laugh more than almost anything else on TV and has had so many great guests over the years.

Ooh the Whitney costume exhibit sounds so great. I love costumes. There's an amazing Hollywood custume exhibition on at the V&A museum in London right now, and I could just spend hours and hours wandering around it.

Wilfair Book said...

Going to the V&A site now to peruse! Costumes 4evr. I enjoy costumes in film and entertainment, but I think I like a bold costume-i-ness in every day life, too. There's a lot of that spirit in LA (and London, too, I think, right?), so my personal, costume-loving well is constantly filled.

No worries on being away; just glad all of you lovely ladies come back around now and then!

Totally checking out the Buzzcocks in a serious and concentrated way once this book is off.

Kelly said...

Yes London's pretty costumey too! It's one of my favourite things about living here (and a lot of other big cities too I guess), that you can wear what you like, be as outlandishly dressed as you fancy, are you'll still just blend in to the crazy, diverse crowd. It's very freeing. I once travelled accross London to a fancy dress party in a full on princess outfit and barely anyone even batted an eyelid.

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly! I knew a comment lingered down the way that I wanted to answer. A full princess outfit! Holy moly. You have my instant admiration and support. Was it flouncy? Tell me it was flouncy.

There is a diversity and outlandishness to LA, for sure. I bought an old-fashioned harlequin hat for Halloween that I didn't end up wearing. I did, however, wear it out for a drink a few nights before the holiday, and again, no eyelash-batting from anyone.

People regularly dress up as superheroes and pose for photos with tourists on Hollywood Boulevard, so I think a lady in a harlequin hat is like just a Tuesday around these parts.

Wilfair Book said...

I just realized there are a few versions of harlequin hats in the world. Mine looks like this, but it is a bit shorter:

Wilfair Book said...

Okay, I'm totally pestering you in this comment thread now. Last thing: I went by the V&A site and would love love love to see that costume exhibit! Hoo boy. All my favorites. Did they have the grey coat that Kim Novak wears in "Vertigo"? That's one of my favorite pieces ever.

That's all I had to say. Thanks for the good word! If only I could get over to London before it ends, but alas, I don't think that's in the cards.

By the way, did I see a David Bowie exhibit coming to the V&A? How cool is that? Love me some Ziggy Stardust.

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