Early Wilfair Sketch

You guys! I updated Summary Gomery!

I've been so busy with "Stay Awhile" I haven't had a chance. But going over some old files led me to something I wrote in 2008. It has almost nothing to do with the Wilfair stories but I can see myself trying to figure out stuff that would eventually land in the books.

Common points between the short piece and "Wilfair":

* Dimples
* A guy named Hal (which is now the name of Gomery's father)
* A guy and a woman talking work
* A woman worried about getting fired
* Weird places
* A lucky sidewalk where you can make wishes
* A city corner that up and moved under its own volition
* A possibly dead person who may not be really dead
* A woman who is together if slightly socially awkward

What's different:

* A talking bat

!!!! Oh man. ALYSIA. Suddenly I want a talking bat in the "Wilfair" books so so much. Ridick. What was I thinking?

Anywho, it is incredibly and extremely unedited. I'd call it a mood piece more than a straight-forward narrative, too. It was merely an exercise to gel ideas and figure out characters. I often write page-long pieces when I'm approaching a much bigger project; I need to see the flow of dialogue and what pairs spark when they're together. (Romantic or not.)

And clearly I needed to find out if I truly and absolutely wanted a talking bat in the books.

So far, not, but I may yet change my mind. 


kitzie said...

So have you ever seen that animated file Anastasia? Best.Talking.Bat.Ever. Bartok voiced by Hank Azaria. I have not seen this movie in a long time, but now I so want to to enjoy my fave talking bat!

PS I had to look up both character name and voice talent and saw that Meg Ryan was Anastasia. A lot of Meg Ryan round here lately.

Wilfair Book said...

Woot woot, talking bats! I did not know that, and I do like me some Hank Azaria. For all the trumpeting I do about liking animation, I must admit there are two or three major studio releases I have not caught. Adding "Anastasia" to my list!

I like talking animals a lot. When I started the books I had to really draw some lines on what would be the "magic" bits of the books and what would be "real world."

Although there is a part of me that hopes there are talking animals somewhere out there in the world.

Have you seen this? I think my dog would ask for a piece of cheese a dozen times a day.


Erika said...

"I'd give her a HA! and a High-YA!! And I'd kick her, sir." -Bartok

I love Anastasia... because of Bartok. He is excellent. Talking bats are excellent.

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