Gomery Sighting

We're movie lovers here at Casa Painter, and Anglophiles, too, so of course we caught "Skyfall" on opening weekend.

Did you see it? If so, you probably saw Gomery, or rather the character of Q looking highly Gomery-esque.

I'll think of some other films where I've seen people who remind me of "Wilfair" people. (Unless you don't want that; I want you to see the "Wilfair" characters as you want to see them, for sure. I'd only post people who are in the character's, uh, general appearance group. Not specifically the character.)

This guy's a cutie. His anorak kind of makes the outfit. Though in England I think it's called a windcheater. Kelly, is that correct?

Ben Whishaw and Daniel Craig | cr: Sony/MGM/Eon


Erika said...

I like the idea of seeing how the characters look to you :) as you created them. It may change how I see them but I'm ok with that. I didn't see Gomery like that but I certainly enjoy the image now ;)

Btw it works again!!! I can comment as me!!

wealhtheow said...

That is DEFINITELY how I see Gomery. Except his sleeves should be rolled up.

Carly said...

I also enjoy seeing what the author thinks the character looks like, or at least a close approximation;) Keep 'em coming.

Chiara said...

That is a very cute Gomery, I approve! I might have imagined the hair a bit shorter but I don't really visualize characters like this, the face and hair are usually a bit blurry in my head.

I'm with the others as well, it's interesting to see what you think how they look like.

bess said...

oh darn it! I was going to see this movie last weekend and got too busy/distracted. I could have used a Gomery sighting. I think he's a good approximation - even the setting is appropriate - but I agree with Chiara that the hair is too unkempt.

Wilfair Book said...

This conversation is making me smile.

If you guys are ever reminded of anyone in the stories, send me a pic and I'll post it.

Bess and Chiara, maybe this is Gomery's hair when he wakes up to answer the motel's nightbell.

Wilfair Book said...

I can't believe I'm about to type this, so I'll bury it deep in this thread in the hopes that it won't live forever on the internet. (Which, of course, it will.)

So, on the subject of hair: How do we feel about chest hair? This is *very* important. (Kidding.)

No, I'm curious. Weigh in if you feel like it.

Am I typing this?

Erika said...

I'm not as opposed to chest hair as I used to be but I am opposed to men covered in fur unless they are the Beast. I did not expect to weigh in on chest hair opinions when I woke up this morning. This is why this blog is always so delightful lol!

bess said...

Also hoping that this does not live forever on the internet but i am not opposed to chest hair at all. I am more opposed to extensive waxing. If you were gifted with some chest fur, embrace it.

Erika said...

My issue is when th fur becomes a sweater... It just weirds me out but I agree that excessive waxing is weird too

Wilfair Book said...

Laughing, loving it, hooray! This conversation can continue forever, in my book. Too entertaining.

The guy Fair hugs -- re: the stomach medicine -- at the end of "Redwoodian" was definitely of the fur torso family.

I like how The Beast worked into the discussion, too.

Kelly said...

I was super slow in getting round to seeing Skyfall, just saw it yesterday. Everyone was telling me how cute Q was, but I didnt believe them because Ben Whishaw was so creepy in that Perfume film. I was very glad to be proved wrong as he was indeed very cute and Gomery-esque!

Yep that kind of coat is called a windcheater here, although you could also say anorak, either works.

Weighing in on the chest hair issue (not a sentence I imagined I'd be typing!) - I am totally in favour of a little chest hair, but absolutely agree with Erika that a full fur sweater is a step too far. I think back hair is where I draw the line!

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly: Thanks for the final word on windcheater. It's a great term. I also prefer "trainers" to "sneakers," too, for what it is worth.

I'm not familiar with the perfume movie (and I dare call myself a movie lover). Wait. Dustin Hoffman?

Ha! Okay. Chest hair. I'm actually asking for a reason. Yes, we try and keep it classy and semi-high-minded around the Wilfair blog -- discussions on writing techniques and favorite songs and such -- but once and awhile topics of a more, um, warm-blooded nature work their way in, somehow.

I like it. I can't talk about snoods and Ferris wheels and cheese dip all the time!

And as for my fur torso quip: Guys gotta rock what they got here with, is my general opinion on the topic. Or, I guess, what came to them later in their lives. Whatever is happening in that area, if a guy owns it, hurrah. :)

Kelly said...

Yep Dustin Hoffman! Looked it up as I couldnt remeber the full name, and its "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" Ben Whishaw is the main guy, but he looks so different! I am a total wuss about scary films, got talked into watching it, and found it really creepy.

Haha I think the odd warm-blooded topic of discussion is essential, no one can be classy and high-minded all the time!

Chiara said...

Completely missed the chest hair discussion, I'm with Erika and Kelly, full fur sweater is too much but waxing is a no no as well!

This discussion now has me thinking about the movie Fur with Robert Downey Jr and Nicole Kidman. Anybody seen it? Wonderful movie about Diane Arbus and a furry man (who is played marvelously by RDJ!)

On a random note, "windcheater" has to be one of the most adorable words I've heard in a while, cheating the wind...love it!

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