Oh my sweet gravy. Is Alysia about to launch into another semi-maudlin thank you post? (Please don't run away. I know you're not stopping by here to be constantly thanked. Unless you're into that. If so, awesome.)

But the fact is it's Thanksgiving here in the U.S., so I'm feeling the thanks and the giving. And I like people to know when they're making a difference in my life.

I say it again: This blog, and meeting and talking with interesting people, has been wonderful. I'm a curious person (coughnoseycough), meaning that I like to know about others and what they are into and their opinions. It's funny that Wilfair has spun a wee web in this corner of the web. But please know I'm a happy and grateful little spider, having you here.

Can I add I'm typing this before dawn? Americans rise early on this holiday, what with the sweet potatoes going into the oven and such. I can't wait to read this when I'm fully awake and see that I called myself a grateful little spider.

I wanted to post a photo of gratitude, but I'm now on Mr. Painter's computer. (Yep, my computer finally grabbed its sides, wheezed, and fell to the ground in a puff of dust. Meaning it's in the shop for the week.) So my cache of Wilfair-ready photos is not at the ready.

I think I will post a photo I just took of a dog in my neighborhood. She's wearing faux pearls. FAUX. PEARLS.

Los Angeles, I love you and your wacky ways.

By the way, the computer I'm on is the computer on which I started writing the books. The first time I typed the characters' names was on the keyboard I use now, which makes me sentimental. Like Fair contemplating the first few times she said Gomery's name aloud.

Whoa. Did I call myself a satisfied spider earlier? Coffee, KICK IN.

Now here's my show of thankfulness to you: Pearl Puppy!


Erika said...

Happy Thanksgiving Alysia and all the other blog readers!! This little community is awesome!

Carly said...

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I have many things to be thankful for in my life, among them: a busy author who takes the time to talk to her readers and listen to them gush and fan-girl *coughAlysiacough* lol.

bess said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I'm thankful for curling up with well-loved books and seconds of pie. I can only imagine what The Wilfair's Thanksgiving festivities consist of, is there a meal made completely of dips?

Wilfair Book said...

Thanks, ladies! Back at ya. Was everyone sufficiently pie'd yesterday? I actually missed my slice of pie, but I did eat yams with slightly crispy marshmallows on top, so I'm satisfied.

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