Holding Hands

Remember a few months ago, when we listed all the objects in "Wilfair" and "Redwoodian"? There were more major things, like evening gloves and pinecones, and less major things, like tubs of Brylcreem. And you guys kindly reminded me of some of the things in the books I missed on the lists? I think Jamila reminding me there's an entire Ferris wheel inside The Wilfair Hotel was my absolute favorite.

I need your help again, please. Gomery and Fair don't hold hands in "Redwoodian," do they? I don't mean "hold hands" hold hands (if that makes sense); I mean in the whisper scene, with Prior Yates, if their hands brush at all. I'm 100.01% sure they do not, and if I have time this weekend I'll go back and look. But my hilarious editor Jenna questioned this -- she couldn't remember but thought they might have -- so I began to revisit some of the physical things that did happen in the book. I came to the conclusion that while there are high levels of cheese-chest pressing and cerebellum touching in "Redwoodian," there is no traditional hand-holding.

Anybody? This is correct, yes?

And lest you worry I'm not up-to-speed on the books I wrote, for sure I am. That said, I'm currently giving my full focus to the dozens upon dozens of new little moments jostling around in my head.

A few big moments, too.

Thank you for putting up with my questions and tomfoolery. In a show of gratitude, here's one of my songs from the fall, and the song that will always remind me of the last three pages of "Stay Awhile." Plus, Kishi Bashi? Ties and beards and violins. Gosh.


kitzie said...

I don't think they do. At least, not in the traditional sense. Not trusting my memory, and having some time today, I took a glance through Redwoodian:

In the first glove disrobing scene Gomery sort of holds Fair's arm and wrist (which is cute and funny as early in the book Fair wants to be a wrist-holder and then she gets wrist-held) but to help the glove thing. (In my imagination this scene was much more hand holdey than I discovered upon today's perusal. :)

The whisper scene has hugging that sort of reads as whole-body holding, and Fair sort of holds Gomery's head during whispers, but I don't think their hands meet.

Then in the second glove removing scene, Gomery does take Fair's gloved hand, but for a purpose again, not to hold it. The note I jotted down is: p186 "took gloved hand." Is this the sort of contact you were looking for?

PS Something I noticed while perusing today that I thought was funny: Fair does hold Aunt Ever's hand.

Wilfair Book said...

kitzie, this is amazing sleuthing! So amazing I'm giving this comment its own post later this week. Watch for it.

Jamila said...

kitzie is exactly right. There are some visits to Hands Touching Town, but no pulling over into full-on Handholding-ville.

Wilfair Book said...

Thanks, Lady Jamila! I love when you stop by the blog.

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