How Wilfair Smells

Smells? I like them. And I definitely associate events with specific scents, like we all probably do. (The smell of a rain-wet creosote bush still reminds me of waiting for the school bus.)

The smells of Wilfair include cherries, oranges, cake frosting, chlorine, mints, onion dip, cinnamon, Monty's deodorant, and woodsmoke. Tar and methane, too, of course. And let's throw in whatever man soap they're using over at the Motel Fairwil for good measure. Anything I missed?

But on my end, the smells of Wilfair are different. They're whatever shampoo or lotion I happened to use at the time of writing. They are:

Rene Furterer Otara: When I started "Wilfair" I'd just gotten a fancy new haircut (I rarely change my hair, so this was a big deal). I splurged at my salon and got some nice conditioner, something else I rarely do. This was the stuff I was using right when I began the books, so if I catch a whiff of it, I'm instantly back trying to figure out who Fair is and who the Overbove guys are. It smells good.

Kroger Lemongrass & Basil Hand Soap: A staple of my kitchen. Definitely one of the major scents of the series for me.

Cost Plus World Market Peppermint Vanilla Lotion and Pumpkin Spice Lotion: Ditto. I use them throughout the year, not just the holidays, so they really remind me of writing the stories. For some reason I associate the Peppermint more with the Fair and Gomery storyline. Those two are pretty pepperminty.

Now I'm thinking about "Stay Awhile" smells. Here's one: ketchup.


myrandaroyann said...

I commented earlier but the site must have eaten it so here I go again:
I love lemongrass and basil! I'd wear basil perfume if I could find it! I'm also addicted to pumpkin scented or flavored anything. Cakes, coffee, muffins, soaps, lotions, etc... Any of it and all of it!

Wilfair Book said...

I'm sorry about the site eating your yummy comment!

Ohhhhh, basil perfume. I'd wear it. Do you know Demeter Fragrances? They have all the scents you mentioned, basically. Very offbeat stuff.

PS I used to wear a dab of vanilla extract on my wrists in high school.

Chiara said...

I love how certain smells can remind you of things and take you back. Or tastes for that matter.

Don't think I've ever seen Peppermint Vanilla Lotion around here, that must smell amazing. But anything with vanilla does.

Oh! I had been on the Demeter site once before (at least I think so, I doubt there's another company like it), so many awesome fragrances. Too bad shipping to Europe is insanely expensive. I'll have to look around if I can find it anywhere here.

Not so many crazy sentences as Demeter but is anybody a fan of Lush Cosmetics?

bess said...

Lemongrass and basil is a surprisingly controversial smell! At least in cleaning supplies. A friend and I both bought some non-chemical, organic-ish kitchen spray with a lemongrass basil scent. The topic came up at a party (don't my parties sound amazing?) because my gentleman friend had banned this cleaner from the house after a couple of uses because he decided that it "smelled funny". My friend piped up that she too was looking to unload this barely used cleaner, pinpointing the smell as "hot asphalt". Thinking them both crazy and not wanting to be wasteful, I carried the unloved bottles off to work. After using them in the late afternoon, I arrived the next morning to find my co-workers arguing over the origins of a weird (and familar to me, smell) after deciding that it must the the new carpet (?). I guiltily and surrepticiously disposed of the cleaner and they bought an air freshener.

Long story! but yes, this scent is not universally loved.

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara: I do know Lush Cosmetics! They do the bath balls, right? That's a fun company and great scents, too. There's one in Beverly Hills here that I'll have to revisit.

PS: I'm very excited to sit down with a glass of wine on Thursday or Friday and go over the rest of your comments -- it's my treat to get to the end of this hectic week!

Bess: I had no idea of the lemongrass-based controversy. My soap smells very tangy and delicious. But, as for cleaning products, yeah, scents can be iffy.

"Hot asphalt." Wow.

Chiara said...

Awesome! Lush is great and yes they do the bath balls and many more things but I think that's what most people know them from. Their bubble baths are even better than their bath balls in my opinion though because well, bubbles! When it comes to smells and whatever it does for your skin, they're both good depending on what you want. Their massage bars/solid creams are wonderful as well. Love them and solid means less packaging and preservatives compared to liquid things. I'm in love with their Big volume shampoo and their American Dream conditioner smells heavenly (vanilla/strawberry!), and not only that, it's also a good conditioner. Even if you don't need it, if you ever find yourself at a Lush store, just smell it! At the moment they got all their Christmas stuff in stores, lovely soaps and I just bought their Twilight shower gel with lavender and tonka.

I shall now shut up because my Lush love knows no boundaries. I used to work at a store so I basically tried anything they got. It was quite addictive working there because you could never resist buying new things that came ine.

Chiara said...

Also, I forgot in my Lush frenzy but I need to look out for basil/lemongrass soap! I don't think I ever saw it around here but it surely sounds like an interesting smell.

PS: I'm very excited to sit down with a glass of wine on Thursday or Friday and go over the rest of your comments -- it's my treat to get to the end of this hectic week!

Aaaw! :)

Wilfair Book said...

Vanilla/strawberry is one of my favorite combos. I'm sold. I'm going to try and run by my store here in the next few weeks (also, I can pick up a holiday gift or two).

How great that you worked in one! I bet you came home smelling extra strawberry-ish every night.

Solid creams I definitely like, too. Okay, I'm going! I like recommendations like this. And I do want a bath ball or two.

Ha, Lush frenzy. People don't get in excited frenzies enough, over the stuff they like, in my opinion.

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