My people. GOOD MORNING.

Okay, so this is what's happening at Casa Painter:

1. Computer virus. Hooray!
2. Work. (So #1 is interfering, obvs.)
3. Cleaning madly for visiting holiday relatives. (Who knew a 13-pound dog could create dust bunnies the size of a small ottoman?)
4. Thinking about "Stay Awhile."

I'm sure you're like, "but Alysia, you're typing on a computer right now, right?" It's true. But it keeps shutting down, every few minutes, meaning I'm scrambling to blog and work and Google "computer repair Los Angeles" while it is up and running.

So your next question is "but Alysia, why in the h are you at the Wilfair site, blogging?" GREAT question. And this is why: I was up last night mulling my next step with this book. You can tell I'm in a mully mood, since I wrote an overly introspective, mega-long post yesterday. Eesh.

And this is what I want to think about over the long Thanksgiving weekend (when I'll be potentially computerless). "Stay Awhile" is set to go to its formatter/publisher around the first day of December, meaning, if there are no gremlins gnawing at the inner workings (which is very much what I'm grappling with today) it will be live probably Christmas Week.

But I got to thinking about my post yesterday, and how the different thing with this book is, indeed, you. And I thought "why can't the people who come here and support what I'm doing get an advance reader copy? A PDF?"

Why not, indeed?

If I did this, and I'm pro-and-con-ing it madly, I might delay sending it to the formatter/publisher, lest you see a typo or two I can fix. (By the way, "Redwoodian" has a fantastic typo -- a total wrong word -- that still hasn't been caught. I do want to fix it but I like it, too. It's like a tiny crack in the book, and, to me, tiny cracks add character.)

Let me add this would not be beta-reading, which can be very active, unrelaxing reading. You wouldn't need to consider arcs and dialogue and motive in a scholarly way (unless you really are into that). The book has been beta read (we'll get to that next week). It has been very strictly and thoroughly edited. You'll be reading the final version, the one for publication, and it will be 1000% pleasure reading, just for fun. I want you to become deeply involved in the story and in the world. And if you happen to see an "a" where I meant "an" you can tell me at the end.

(This is very tempting; I can fix typos after publication, but there is a price to do so and it isn't instantaneous.)

The fact that Google alerts will now tell people the book is live, and I won't have time to quickly typo-check them post-publication like I did with "Wilfair" and "Redwoodian," also weighs on me a bit. I want it to be perfect, with only a few hairline cracks, which are par for the course, when it goes up.

My only con with this wacky plan is this: If there are a few typos to fix, and I expect there will be, then the PDFs out in the world will be slightly different than what goes to publication in January. The differences will likely be so small (I hope) that they'll only stick in my craw.

But I've said it before: I love a good calculated risk, and an adventure, and I rarely opt out of trying something different.

The other con, the one I can't fully embrace today, because this computer virus is stressing me out, is if one of you writes me a very sad and long letter about how there's this much bigger issue with the book. That is when I shut the curtains, take to my couch, clutch a dram of whiskey, curl into a fetal position, and weep hot tears. (Okay, that was a wee joke. I can handle. I'm already knee-deep in this Wilfairian journey and loving it, good parts and the happily infrequent less good parts.)

I'm not saying you'll love all of it, but here's the truth: I wrote this book to be a vigorous, big-hearted equal to "Redwoodian." I filled it with spirit and joie de vivre, so I hope you do love most of it, and can live with the stuff that doesn't ring your bell.

So, ladies, I'm going to weigh on this over Thanksgiving weekend, when I will probably be computer-less and have some time and room to mull. (Mr. Painter has a computer, I should say, and since he is a marvelous human being who never minds sharing, I will likely set up shop there.)

If you want to do this, let me know, but if I opt to go to publication, please don't be sore.

There are a few other cons. Like I wonder if reading it on a PDF is as elegant an experience as an ebook. Also, I don't want to hurt any feelings if I send out a few PDFs and miss those fantastic readers who have been lurking and didn't want to decloak. (To my lovely lurkers: If I go the PDF advance copy route, and you don't get one, PLEASE write me and demand a free copy of the book when it is live. I mean it. I'm a lurker on a lot of blogs, so, as your fellow co-lurkee, I'm reaching out.)

In the end, I only want everyone to win and nobody to be sad.

Okay, this system wants to freeze again so I'll sign off. Sorry the '80s music week is on hold while I fix stuff. And, dang gum it, I really wanted to post a picture of my favorite Brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving.

Comment or email and let me know if you're into this. If not, I'm fine with keeping to the track everything was on.

Off to mull, fix this issue, collect dust bunnies, and gently coax Mr. Painter out of his computer chair.


kitzie said...

I am being completely self-interested when I say I think the ARC/PDF thing to your blog-loving fans is a GREAT idea and I would so be in. Yep, I LOVE IT. :)

But for your cons, the typos and stuff are something you'd have to decide about. Now, about a reader pointing out a much bigger issue from the book: I don't think you can plan for an individual's unique perspective. And as readers I think most of us understand that. So even if it happened, I would say "Don't change your book for what amounts to a special interest group." For example, I HATE Tom Brady. (Random true fact about kitzie) And if he swooped into Stay Awhile and saved the day, I'd swallow my bile and try to remember that I am a minority and not hate the book.

And if you decide no I promise not to hold it against you. I'm just kidding here, it's your book!!! I don't even have a right to hold anything against you! So there's perhaps my summary thought about this: don't be too sensitive. (Also if you decide no, you should totes secretly email me a copy anyway because I'm special, maybe...somehow :)

Wilfair Book said...

Thanks, kitzie! I'm not really stressing. Believe me when I say I'm already in the middle of this all, so stressing how people will react is not a good use of my time and energy (this is just a solid policy for most of life). I think I may have overstated that bit when I meant it mostly in dramatic jest.

That said, I like my blog ladies and other readers I've chatted with and I want to please them. That's all. ;)

Okay! One vote in. Woopity woop!

Erika said...

#1: Computer virus = no bueno. I hate it when the computer gets infected. I am a freak about mine and often wonder how authors do it. I have a really hard time approaching even slightly suspicious email and if I had fan mail how would I differentiate?! Feeling panicky just thinking about this. So I really hope this gets resolved for you!

#2: also completely selfishly I want to squeak and beg for an ARC but I will not be extremely disappointed if it doesn't happen (or sore at all!). I have already resigned myself to waiting for it to be published ;D

#3: just so you know, when I read the bit about the typo in "Redwoodian" my mind immediately yelled CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! lol I have a ton on my reading list right now between books but I may bump my rereading of the Hobbit to reread your books and search out the fantastic typo. I like the Easter egg feel of it.

#4: if you do choose the ARC route I will probably still buy the finished copy, I do like the ereader experience I am just chomping at the bit to read this book :D

Carly said...

So. I'm all for the idea of an ARC. It might be fun to get some early reactions and other sets of eyes.

That being said, I wouldn't request one for myself because I am RUBBISH at keeping secrets and I would want to talk about all of the fantastic things I know are in Stay Awhile. Plus, I love anticipation and dragging things out to the last excruciating drop, lol.

Summary, Gomery? I have nothing against ARCS or knowing that someone got to read it early. But I also know that person cannot be me;)

Chiara said...

I'm with the others, I'm all in for the ARC idea as well. If you decide not to go for it though, I won't be disappointed, I had already counted on reading it over the holidays :)

If you go for it, I'll get you an early review on Wit & Fancy if you're up for that! If not, I'll wait till the actual publication date :) We had a bit of a down period at the site, lots of writers got busy and so did the other staff but the editor in chief is planning on slowly getting things back in gear again.

Also, as Erika said, typo in Redwoodian?! Now I want to go and read it again and go and find it! Only, I got other required reading piled up and work to do so I must keep my typo search lust inside.

Oh, I'd also go and buy the published version as well just because.

Last but not least, hope you'll get your computer issues fixed soon!

PS: I accidentally hit the sound button for the captcha and I thought my laptop was possessed all of the sudden until I just found out what it was.

tangerinepillow said...

Myself, I love the ARC idea. But I'm also just really excited to be back with Gomery and Fair and the gang and it can't come soon enough for me! But I'll be just as excited to read it if I have to wait for it to go to publication.

Strange, I actually re-read Redwoodian last week and now I can't remember if I noticed any typos. Feels like a challenge...

Hope your virus clears up. And Happy Thanksgiving!

myrandaroyann said...

Sorry you're having computer woes! My hard drive fried towards the beginning of the semester and I lost everything. I still need to get a new laptop.

I would scream for joy and do a happy dance if I got an ARC and I wouldn't mind if the ARC was a little different from the final. That's just the way it goes. :) You're so good to your readers!

Hope your computer is fixed soon and you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wilfair Book said...

Well all righty! ARC details to come next week. Thank you, everyone, for putting in your two cents!

And I went looking for that typo and can't find it now. Der. I'm trying to remember if I asked for it be fixed right after it went live. I'll keep searching. I think it is still lurking in there.

True story: While looking for the typo I started reading a few of the fireside pages and had a moment of "awww, I hope things work out for those two!" HI. I'm ridiculous. That's been established, right?

tangerinepillow, have we met? Hello! Thanks for stopping by! You've got an excellent handle for the citrus-loving Wilfair world.

wealhtheow said...

My editorial mentor, who taught me maybe 94% of what I know about editing, said he has NEVER read a published book without any typos. So, you know, don't feel too bad, because one always slips through.

Count me in on the ARC! Woot! I'm kind of dying to see how things develop in the next book.

tangerinepillow said...

We haven't met. I'm a lurker by nature, but didn't want to miss out on an advance read! But trust, I'm here every day. :)

Kelly said...

Count me in on the ARC too if you decide to go that way! There generally has to be a lot of typo's for me to even notice them, I think my brain mostly just skips past them.

Like a few of the others said I would probably still buy the finished copy when it's released, mostly because I like to see the pretty covers on my ipad!

Wilfair Book said...

Ladies, this all sounds good! And no, truly, I'm not stressed about typos. I mention them because if you do see them, I have a chance to fix them before final-final publication. That's all.

Mostly this burbling is just high-rev'd excitement to be done and putting this book out there. So, as they say on the interwebs, I'm feeling all the feelings, plus a few extra to boot.

I'll be in touch in the next week or two, probably after '80s week wraps. (ALL I want to do is get back to '80s week! It's true.)

I have email addresses for a few of m'ladies, but I'll post a reminder on contact info. Or if we haven't chatted by email, you can get a jump and drop me a line at

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