Reader Pride

Not that you're ever wondering what I'm up to off the blog, but here's exactly what I was doing at 5:02 p.m. last Saturday evening: I was giving a mighty fist pump to the sky while standing on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.

Granted, that's far from fascinating, besides the fact that I was standing on lovely Fairfax Avenue, which happens to be the namesake of one Fair Finley.

But here's where it gets better. I'd just read, on my phone, kitzie's above-and-beyond response to my question about whether Fair and Gomery had actually held hands in "Redwoodian."

Her response so tickled me -- it had a thoroughness that delighted -- that, literally, I gave a fist pump. I might have even said "yeah!" And this is why: I have reader pride.

In short? My readers -- you! -- have been the best part of the "Wilfair" world for me, by far.

And let me assure you I really, really, really love writing about Fair and Sutton and Monty and Gomery and their little universe. Like, really. It's as if someone drops one of those fizzy, colorful egg-dying tablets into my head each time I sit down to type. The experience is that purely effervescent for me.

(I hope that translates. Sometimes, and this is true, I have to de-fizz some of what I've written, because it just all gets to be too much. I know and accept this.)

So for something to eclipse that is a very big deal, in my mind. And my reader pride easily surpasses that true writing joy. It's been rather wonderful, actually, to see that happen.

That is all. Thanks for the support, everyone!

***Reader Pride***


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