Romcoms? I'm wild about them, but I can be overly fussy about favorites.

I don't want to be that person who presents a laundry list of what I like and don't, because it is hard work to make a film, even a film that doesn't ring my bell. So films I don't like? Go on your merry way, because I'm not taking you down here. Best of luck to you.

So here are a few romantic-comedy films I enjoy very much. Tell me yours? Please?

1. "When Harry Met Sally...": It's pretty much a perfect movie, and I could spend a week blogging about why I think that. I love the little fight Harry and Sally have at their friends Jess and Marie's new apartment. It feels real to me. And the sort of directionless, downtime joking. That's 98% of coupledom. Oh my gosh. I'm thinking of particular lines now, like when Harry asks Sally if she wants to go out, in the museum, but he asks in a funny voice, to try and lighten the moment. LOVE. I'll have to post about this film, clearly.

2. "Amelie": Lovesomuchyeshooray! Okay, there needs to be an "Amelie" post, too, bien sûr. I can't even start. I can't. The photo booth? I can't.

3. "Roxanne": Gahhhhhh. In a word. Though, as I get older, I kind of want Steve Martin and Shelley Duvall to get together.

4. "Ninotchka": This 1939 film glows. It's gorgeous. Three things I love:

Greta Garbo wears the elf hat to end all elf hats. This chapeau is positively vertical. She could hide a ham in there. I'd wear it.

Two? There's a scene with a blindfolded Garbo, a Champagne cork popping, and her sliding down a wall, that can't be fully described here. I can't possibly begin to capture its poetry. Also, it's very sexy in the way that things in the late '30s had to be sexy in different, non-obvious, non-"let's-get-naked" ways.

And three? The characters laugh together. That's probably the most famous scene in the film. So often one character will laugh at another character's line, but a pair or an entire group doesn't often melt into happy tears together on film, in the way it happens in life. My favorite, favorite thing.

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bess said...

I'm ashamed that I've never seen Ninotchka, though I have seen the kind of bizarre musical version with Fred Astaire, 'Silk Stockings'. This will have to go on my list.

Amelie, I will love always and forever. It's such a charming, tender, funny movie and visually gorgeous, to boot. My dream home decor would be Jeannie's bottle from I Dream of Jeannie and Amelie's apartment.

My favorite Romcom would be hard to decide, I've changed my mind so many times over the years. I would have to call a draw between Bringing Up Baby and The Palm Beach Story.

Wilfair Book said...

If you like "Bringing Up Baby" and "The Palm Beach Story" I promise you will really enjoy "Ninotchka"!

Also, Billy Wilder co-wrote it. So the banter is crisp and fun.

♥ Billy Wilder ♥

Erika said...

I love romantic comedies too!! Like Bess, I've never seen Ninotchka so I'll have to Netflix this shiz!

I'm a sucker for a Mandy Moore or Reese Witherspoon movie and an 80's movie... So I'll refrain from making a list but if I did... 16 Candles would be rocking the top five!

kitzie said...

How about The Princess Bride (of course!) and The Philadelphia Story? I also have a (huge) soft spot for French Kiss. Kevin Kline ILU!

Of the bunch (to which I would absolutely add When Harry Met Sally and Bringing Up Baby, so good) I think The Philadelphia Story is my fave. Carey Grant ILU more! Maybe my picks are based more on the players than the story?

Wilfair Book said...

Love everything I'm reading here!

Erika: "16 Candles" -- a classic of my youth. It reminds me how much I still like "Pretty in Pink," too. Harry Dean Stanton kind of breaks my heart in that film. Do you think Molly Ringwald should have ended up with Duckie, though? That's always the controversy. I have an opinion here but I'll wait to hear from you.

kitzie: "Princess Bride." YES. And Kevin Kline, in anything? YES. You raise an interesting point about the players vs. the story. I can see that in my own movie choices.

Cary Grant. C'mon. Suave-o-sity.

Who here loves "Roman Holiday"? Gregory Peck and his handsome pressed suit and his square-boy, horn-rimmed glasses? Whatever.

Chiara said...

I have a soft spot for Hugh Grant, so give me any romcom that stars him and I'm game! With Christmas coming up, Love Actually is one of my favs... Also, Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral of course! Music & Lyrics and Two Weeks Notice are quite adorable as well.

Only You is cute as well, I mean Italy! Rome! Robert Downey Jr.! Speaking of RDJ, his Chances Are and The Pick-Up Artist are cute as well.

Apparently I go by actors when liking movies. Too bad George Clooney's Romcoms are not the best.

Uhm, what else? Oh Pretty Woman! Bridget Jones' Diary (there we got with Hugh again!), Sleepless in Seattle and I really liked Sliding Doors as well because of the whole "what if" theme.

kitzie said...

Roman Holiday is fantastic. And I SO LOVE Gregory Peck. You want to talk dreamy? He's it. And in real life he seems like he was a pretty stand up guy. I mean, probably not perfect, but definitely some seriously admirable qualities. Also, he's a Cal grad (special to an East Bay person) who grew up in San Diego (all being special to native Californians.)

But his romcoms are not my faves of his movies. Not that they're not good, but I really love The Big Country and To Kill a Mockingbird. And I'll guiltily admit that I absolutely adore Duel in the Sun (in the so bad it's good variety - so it's inadvertently funny, does that make it a romcom?)

By the way, while looking up Mr Peck on IMDb I found this movie poster for Spellbound which is maybe the best movie poster ever:

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara: I'm a big Richard Curtis fan; he's one of my writing idols. I think my favorite moment in "Love, Actually" is when Emma Thompson opens the gift from Alan Rickman and sees it is a CD and not the necklace she saw him purchasing. PAIN. I mean, I actually have trouble watching that scene every time it comes back around. Emotions galore.

Fun to hear about your other choices. RDJ, obvs! He's always got twinkle, that man. Still, I can't call Iron Man my favorite Avenger. Love me some Tony Stark, but for me it's Captain America 100%. I'm sweet on the squares.

kitzie: You are like me: A committed IMDBer! That poster is spectacular. I want to do a Hitchcock post so I may have to go with that image.

Yes, Gregory Peck. Like you, I lean more toward his dramas than his lighter fare.

"Stand-up guy" is exactly it. He just sort of effused that quality, didn't he? Now that I think about it, I'm probably trying to bring some Gregory-Peck-ness to Gomery.

Kelly said...

I love romcoms. I was on an organisation kick the other day and tried to organise my dvd's by genre, but had to give up when I realised it was pointless since about 95% of my collection is romcoms, dance films/musicals, or Christmas films.

I was a teenager in the late 90's and early 00's, so I think all my favourites are the teen ones that came out at around that time,
like Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, and She's All That.

I watched them over and over, and could probably still recite about half the lines. I'm not sure that I could make much of an analytical argument that any of them are the best romcoms, but they stick with me the most.

Yes Captain America is totally the best avenger! And the romance in Captain America is so much better than in the other avengers films.

Erika said...

Captain America is revered in our house, I like him plenty but the Hisband would love to BE Captain Anerica :)

As to Duckie. Oh Duckie. I am not going to lie Pretty in Pink is not my favorite Molly Ringwald film. I think I loved Duckie too much to care for her in that movie. It wasn't her fault that he loved her and that she didn't love him back but I blamed her anyway. I think, ultimately, Duckie deserved better. I think he would have been happy with her but I wanted more for him.

Now I want to know your thoughts and I welcome them even if you loved her :)

bess said...

Do Wilfair characters have Avengers analogs? So far I'm guessing:

Gomery = Captain America
Monty = Iron Man
Prior Yates = Thor

I'm stumped on the rest though. I'm tempted to say Fair is Bruce Banner/Hulk . . .

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly: "Clueless"! Yes. I just read an article about the making of the film, and how hard it was to get off the ground, funding-wise. It was nice to read the cast was close during the filming.

Romcoms, musicals, and Christmas films are just about my three top categories. What's your favorite musical? I have about ten, but I will say I can act out "The Sound of Music" top to bottom, esp. if I'm playing the role of Captain Von Trapp. My cousin and I watched it almost every day for an entire summer, taking all the parts as we stood in front of the television. Calling us obsessed wouldn't go quite far enough!

Erika: "Pretty in Pink" is definitely an unusual teen film. And I'm glad she didn't pair up with Duckie in the end. I think that is the unpopular opinion but I wasn't feeling it, for him. So it actually sounds like we agree!

I'm not sure if I loved Andie in that film but I found her pettishness and mood spikes to be realistic for her age. My tastes veer happier but it came out at a time I was wanting something a bit different.

I like the music, too.

Bess: I love this and Fair can totally be Bruce Banner. Funny enough, I was trying to do this with the Wilfair gang and the Peanuts people while watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

(Schroeder is Thurs, I think.)

Wilfair Book said...

Oh, and we need more Captain America talk, too. Can I just say I thought the car kiss was the sweetest thing ever? I'm very fussy about my movie kisses and how they play out but I thought the movement and excitement of that moment was perfect in all ways. Gotta get Cap to the plane, but there's time for a quick little kiss!

And the red dress in the film? Gorgeous.

bess said...

I could go on about Cap all day (the end - so heartbreaking!)

He got a nice shout out on The Mindy Project the other night, when a teenager is telling Mindy about an app he wants to create that will tell you which superhero to marry she responds “Obviously you would marry Captain America. You don’t need an app to tell you that.”

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