Chiara said...

Sutton! <3 Jeans and sneakers is basically my daily outfit as well, haha! Except I don't wear pencils in my hair because it's shorter, I can't do maths and I never wear an apron, not even when cooking. I do like kiwi fruit though!

Looking forward to seeing more of these outfit posts from the Wilfair gang!

Wilfair Book said...

I am not an apron-wearer either, though I definitely should be! Issues. Many stain-based issues.

I'm fascinated by math though I've had my challenges. I want to do a post on how math helps me when I write these books. Yep, another writing theory post, woot! I kid. You all are very patient with those. ;)

Chiara said...

I probably should wear an apron as well, I usually tend to make stains when I taste while cooking. For the same reason I should probably keep the apron on while eating. Or use a bib.

I've given up on math after high school. I'm that person failing her last final in high school while cheating by penciling the formulae on the black plastic of my calculator. I admire people who can do maths though, for some reason I think it's really cool to be able to do long calculations.

I'm for one am looking forward in reading about how maths helped you writing! Sounds interesting.

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