ARC List


Here's the ARC request list. Wanna take a sec and make sure you're on it? If you're not, please drop me an email by Monday, Dec. 17 (end of day is fine).

Did I miss you? Please ping me. Are you feeling shy like you want to email me but can't? But you've been visiting the blog for months now? Reach out. I'm easy-breezy, swearsies.

If we've talked off-blog, and you want a PDF next week, please let me know!

tangerinepillow, you said "howdy" in an earlier comment. Have we been in touch? Under another name? Just want to make sure you're covered.

Rebecca! Are you out there, too? Hi! You contacted me through the comments but I don't know how to find you. Please send me an email, if you have a sec. Thanks!

Emily M.! You've also kindly been by here a few times. Do you want to drop me a line? 

Also, if we haven't yet discussed how you want your name to look in the thank yous, please ping me at If I haven't heard from you, I'll just go with your first name for the ARC. That can change when it goes to publication.

Here's the lovely list upon which I gaze at with affection when I awake each morning. I wish you had the book in  your gorgeous little hands right now! But you will! In days.

(This isn't how names will necessarily appear, just keeping 'em brief for the list.)

Lady J.

Carly! Are you sure you want to wait??? Monty told me to tell you you should take one. Hugs.


myrandaroyann said...

Yay! I'm so excited! ;D

Ginny said...

:) I'm a lurker who loves your books! I emailed last weekend but perhaps I goofed up (still not good at typing on the Kindle!). I would love an advanced copy! I'll email again!


Wilfair Book said...

Myranda: Hooray! You are nice.

Ginny: Hello! Are you the same sweet Ginny who has been liking so many things over on the Facebook page? I'd hoped you'd check in and want an ARC. By all means, yes, and thank you for the nice words!

I'm sorry your email didn't come through. Please try me again at Or works, too. If I haven't heard from you by Monday I'll let you know in this space. Cheers and thanks!

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