Nearly forgot! Today is Fair Finley's birthday.

I'm not sure I've revealed that yet, but the books open at the beginning of December. And Fair's twentieth birthday is just ahead, as mentioned in "Redwoodian."

I picked Dec. 12 for Fair because I like the number 12. That's basically it. And 12/12 had a nice ring.

It's also a tribute to a good friend of mine, who has a birthday this week. I love my December birthday people and I worry that they don't get enough of a special spotlight, what with the hustle and bustle of the end of the year.

Do you have an end-of-the-year birthday? How do you mark it? 

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wealhtheow said...

Happy birthday Fair!

My mother and her three siblings were all born in December. They used to have one birthday party for the four of them. I've seen pictures. You've never seen a more miserable looking group of kids in your life.

Wilfair Book said...

Awww, your mom and aunts/uncles! I don't mean to laugh, because I think they were probably not happy, but there's something charming about that sad group photo idea, too.

I do like the idea of a group birthday, though. It used to stress me out as a kid that I had a birthday party all to myself. I didn't like that the other kids left without presents while I sat there with a bunch of toys and games.

It didn't seem fair to me. So I grew up and made a character named Fair, who feels conflicted about having more while her neighbors have less.

I'm workin' stuff out, clearly, with a few laffs and some love thrown in to keep it light. ;)

bess said...

Wealhtheow, that is so sad! Do they all celebrate like crazy now? My mom's birthday sometimes falls on Thanksgiving so she would usually get a candle stuck in the pumpkin pie instead of a cake and she hated it!

myrandaroyann said...

Happy Birthday, Fair! My birthday is in the middle of the year (June) but my family is full of November birthdays! November and February are full of birthdays in my life. Within a week of Thanksgiving this year were the birthday's of my mom, my aunt, and three cousins!

Wilfair Book said...

I think I might like a Thanksgiving birthday, but then I like the cut of November's jib.

February is a big month for birthdays in my life, too, myrandaroyann. Also, one or both Overboves have their birthday in or near February, too. Soon, soon. :)

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on FYA the other day. It really touched me!

Chiara said...

Bit late but Happy Birthday Fair!! I still love that you're a Sagittarius like me.

Aaaw, wealhtheow! That must have been a sad sad happening for your mom and her siblings...

Alysia, your comment about your birthdays as a kid is adorable, too sweet!

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