Many people are entering extreme family mode just about now.

I'm thinking today about the many gifts of family. (I know, there are the occasional challenges of family, too, but here's hoping we all handle that end of things with smiles.)

Something I'm grateful for? My funny, kind brothers. They're older than me, so they've been my idols my whole life.

The guys of Wilfair aren't inspired by anybody in my life, and my brothers' personalities aren't a fit for any of the characters. But growing up around quippy, friendly brothers was a wonderful thing for this sister.

Personally, first and foremost, of course, but also for my writing, too, which has been unexpected. When I think about how any of the guys talk or interact in the books, I'm able to access what I need to pretty quickly. Though the writing of Wilfair is a bit stylized, I hope the guys come across as fairly authentic, at least as they live in that particular semi-loopy universe.

I've said before that Monty Overbove is the easiest person for me to write. If someone were to say "write 30k words of Monty responding to things in a sassy fashion" I'd be like "do you need it by Tuesday? Because I can get it to you on Monday."

Anywho. Just thinking a lot of family this week. Have a fantastic time with yours, if you're seeing them soon.


Carly said...

I have all younger brothers, one of whom I was particularly close to growing up. But I also have several younger sisters (it's a large, blended family situation). I've always wished I had an older brother. I've always been fascinated by guy friendships and how dudes relate to each other. It's SO different from girls.

Wilfair Book said...

And I always wished for a sister! I still ask my mom when I'm getting a sister. Let me just say she gives me a certain very dry look. :)

Younger brothers sound fun, too. That's why I put a few in Wilfair.

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