Cherry on Top of the Cherry

Ladies, your ARC should be in your inbox. Thank you again for requesting one. I'm touched.

As a show of thanks, there's a cherry on top of the cherry inside: a sneak peek at "Fairwil." I snuck a chapter in from the fourth book, so be sure to read on after it says The End. It isn't the end. :)

Thank you again, and no need to get back to me or comment in a quickity-quick fashion. I'm going to take a bit of a brain break and stare at twinkly lights and quaff egg nog for the next fortnight. Yes, I'm that non-British person who uses "fortnight"; please forgive me, Brits visiting the blog. (I also use "quaff" without apology, too.)

If you do finish and want to chat, I'll open a post with "spoiler" in the title. We can talk in the comments.

The book is longer than the other two, so I expect and hope people will approach it at their leisure. Please. If I hear from you in the next year, or at all, I will be beyond thrilled.

I'll send it to its publisher in mid-January, so if you want to let me know about a typo or such before then, please do. If not, no stress. I'm just grateful you've been by and shared support.

You're part of this little (big) book's engine!

 photo: D.H. Wright


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