December 19

If you've contacted me about a PDF, hooray!

I'm confirming here and now that I'll email you on Wednesday, Dec. 19, probably by noon Los Angeles time. (So friends across the world? It'll be nighttime, obvs. If I can get it out earlier, I shall!)

tangerinepillow, have I heard from you? Rebecca? Emily M.? Would you like an ARC? Find me at

If you've commented in recent days, I vow to comment back when I grab some time. Thank you!

This photo has nothing to do with anything but !!!!!! This is how I want to dress today. It finally got chilly and damp in Southern California.

(Bet The Wilfair has a fire in its fireplace and the Overboves are throwing extra blankets on all the motel beds.)


P.S. Are you the photographer for this photo? I've searched for you but no dice. (These people have, too.) Please come forward so you may be celebrated for your squee-worthy genius!


bess said...

Perfect! I have a long train ride on Friday night that will be great for reading.

Weird thing of the day: I had a dream about Gomery but he wouldn't hang out with me because he "had to spend more time with the drama club"(?!) and no, we were not high school age in this dream.

My Southern dog could use that suit in a larger size for a cold weather trip she's taking soon. She's never seen snow before and we're not sure how she'll react.

kitzie said...


And I really wish I had taken that picture. So cute.

Chiara said...

Yay so exciting!! Wednesday is my last day of work before we break for the holidays so perfect start for that. I'll know what I'll be doing on Wednesday evening, hehe.

That picture!! My dog should learn to wear this, he's always cold on his walks when it's cold outside, especially when it rains. However whenever I do put his jacket on he looks as if I maltreated him in the worst of ways and more importantly he doesn't do his business which defeats one of the purposes of his walks. Or two.

myrandaroyann said...

That ARC is going to be an awesome early Christmas present! And, that dog! My friend has a Brussels Griffin but she's a one-eyed, Ewok-looking creature. ;) She's a sweetie though. She was rescued from a puppy mill. That dog in the picture looks adorable in that sweater! My Daschund and Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix (aka Ratcha, who knew?!) like wearing sweaters but my Min Pin hates wearing shirts or sweaters. It's a fun experience trying to stuff her into something to keep her warm. ;)

Wilfair Book said...

Bess: Gomery wasn't in the drama club but he had some friends in the drama club via Monty.

I love that you had a dream related to the books. I haven't yet had any character dreams (that I truly remember) but I do regularly wake up thinking things like "I need to change 'snow' to 'ice' on page 12!" at like 3 a.m.

kitzie: Right? The outfit's little scalloped edges are kind of the piece de resistance for me. Oof. The editor in me wants to write that accurately and yet this is really just a comment swing by. Oh hell, let me go find where the accents go: pièce de résistance.


Did you take it??? I hate not giving credit.

Chiara: I imagine it gets quite chilly where you live. Do the pets ever acclimate? My parents had booties for their dog when they lived outside Chicago.

Myranda: Min Pin! Now that is A LOT of dog in a little package. Adorable. I love hearing about everyone's pups here.

Wilfair Book said...

Btw, Myranda, I have a Griff. I thought I'd mentioned that here but maybe not. He is a CHARACTER. I call him "13 pounds of complicated." He's more complex than I am, truly. So many feelings playing across his face over absolutely everything. That's life with a Brussels, though!

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