Dedicated to Chiara

Chiara! I didn't forget. I think this is the last of the '80s videos requests. How sad I am that they've now wrapped. I may need more.

It's SUCH the classic and Ms. Lauper's plaid stylings? I remember loving them a whole bunch. I'm still a fan of mixing plaid with other patterns.


Chiara said...

Thank you!! Love this. The song. er voice. The video. Cyndi's awesome hair color. That plastic dog!

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara! Ha ha, the plastic dog. That's always the element I remember from this video, along with the plaid. And, of course, the great song.

Love all your comments over the last day. Let me get this ARC out and then I'll jump back in over the next week or two and respond. Thank you!

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