Dedicated to Jamila

Here is Jamila's '80s video pick, which I like in all the ways, but specifically because this was the first 45 single I owned when I was but a wee lass.

I was very proud of my single and played it all the time, meaning that "Come On Eileen" is basically always running somewhere in the back of my brain. Not a bad song to have on constant loop!


wealhtheow said...

Jamila just has the best taste EVER. Ladies, I wish you could all hang out with the awesome-osity that is Jamila!

Wilfair Book said...

Awww. Is it weird, wealhtheow, that when I picture the Ladies of Wilfair, I picture one of those old-school classroom portraits, with everyone standing together? I'm telling you this because I always imagine you and Jamila together, middle row, center. Buddies.

I'm the girl at the back in the ill-fitting plaid jumper. I'm trying not to sneeze at the exact moment the photo is taken, so I appear rather glassy-eyed and startled.

Jamila said...

Woo hoo, Dexy!

wealhtheow and I might be middle row center, but we're also the ones with our arms thrown around each other, probably laughing uproariously (and inappropriately) at our own hiliousness. I picture one of us leaning back, mouth wide open, and the other one leaning forward like her stomach hurts from laughing so hard. But we want everyone to join us! Maybe we can do a candid next, of all of us in a kick-line.

kitzie said...

Okay, the 80s aren't really my decade, I'm a 90s girl, but you guys definitely can pick out some great songs. I don't usually even think of "Come on Eileen" as an 80s song, it's timeless.

And I finally thought of some music I was into way back when that is still good so I'll put out into the universe: New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle." And the rest I'll just sum up like this: The Cure. (I really wanted to put "Friday I'm in Love" but I looked it up and it came out in 1992 :( )(Also, I think true Cure fans will be mad at me for mostly liking their happy songs, but oh well, if I only liked their sad songs I'd be listening to The Smiths.)

Wilfair Book said...

"Bizarre Love Triangle" is THE BEST. That is on constant rotation in my house, like, always.

I enjoy the happy songs of The Cure, too. Oh, and look what has already appeared at Wilfair HQ:

What's your '90s pick? I'll run it. This posting stream will probably eventually evolve into '90s music, so I'm all for getting that going now. And you know I'm pretty loosey-goosey with contribution guidelines. I like people suggesting whatever they want to suggest.

Soft edges here at Wilfair, not hard, is my policy. Very soft edges.

Wilfair Book said...

kitzie, I still have to run the photo you sent me, too! Haven't forgotten.

kitzie said...

Okay, okay. (<-totally said in Stitch voice, but please don't hit me with a branch now.) I was wrong to think if it was 90s music we were talking about, I would totes know what to say. Because instead of not being able to think of anything, I thought of all the things. So I've been thinking about this all day. And now realize I'm a little flannel-clad, grungy kid to my CORE. Here are my bests:

Best song altogether: "Lithium" or "Drain You" by Nirvana, or maybe all of Pearl Jam (at least "Black" "Elderly Woman" or "Given to Fly"), or maybe The Jesus and Mary Chain "Sometimes Always", or maybe Garbage "#1 Crush"

Best 90's music video: "Coffee & TV" by Blur (barely eking in with 1999) (hon. mention: "Girls & Boys" and "Song 2") "21st Century Digital Boy" by Bad Religion.

Least Grungy but Still Doesn't Suck: "Don't Tell Me" by Madonna.

Okay so that's just the tip of the iceberg, but it's start :)

kitzie said...

PS It's so cool that you've already celebrated "Friday I'm In Love" here!

PPS Since writing the above comment I've already wavered some thinking "I should have added The Pixies. Oh! and Counting Crows' "Einstein on the Beach." I've been doing this all day. It's very hard.

Wilfair Book said...

kitzie, all of these suggestions made my morning! Took me right back to la la '90s. Holy moly. Garbage, yes. Nirvana. "Lithium" reminds me of a boy I had a crush on back in the day.

I do crown you our '90s queen here at Wilfair HQ! And I'll put one or two of these tasty things up in the days to come.

P.S. Uh, Stitch is possibly my favorite Disney non-human ever! I also like the ballerina hippos from "Fantasia."

kitzie said...

Ha! What a coincidence! I obvs like Stitch and AM a ballerina hippo! (Just kidding. :)

Chiara said...

I completely missed this 90s exchange but the mentions of Nirvana and Blur make me happy. Two of my favorite 90s bands. Nirvana was and still is too good to even put in words... I wish we would have gotten more from Kurt, another musical genius taken away at age 27.

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