Dedicated to wealhtheow

Hey people! '80s Week is back!

Calling it a "week" is a bit of a stretch, because we only have a few more dedications to go. If you want another one, I'm more than ready. Why? Because there is no bad music and/or videos from the 1980s.

It's practically fact. Even if a song isn't really good and a video's production values are non-existent, there's still something incredibly charming and likeable about an '80s pop confection. I cannot resist.

But today we have a truly excellent entry from our own wealhtheow, a single that was very much in heavy rotation at Casa Gray back in the day.

Please. I love this song. This should be in *every* movie that takes place in 1982-83.


Kelly said...

I heart this song so much! Great pick wealhtheow

Wilfair Book said...

This is one for hitting the repeat button on, for sure! I've already watched it a few times.

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