Erika & Alysia at Wilshire & Fairfax!

Let's cut to the chase: Here's a photo of wonderful reader Erika and yours truly standing at the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax in the heart of Los Angeles, California!

When Erika mentioned in a recent comments section that she was thinking of stopping by the intersection, I promptly wheedled my way into her plans. (As you know, I don't go in for being a shrinking violet.)

We met this morning and her charming husband Alex kindly took a snapshot of us at the corner that's at the center of the Wilfair world. Hooray!

So exciting, and Erika is exactly the smart and sweet person she is in the comments. Truly a day-maker. Thanks again, you two, for stopping by my little slice of LA!

Now that one reader has visited on her own -- hi, wealhtheow -- and one reader has taken a photo with me, I'm putting the offer out there, officially: If you've read the books and find yourself in Los Angeles, I'll swing by the corner for a snapshot with you.

Here are two worth-your-whiles. One? I do not like to arrive empty-handed, regardless of where I go, so you'll get a wee treat with local significance. I chose snickerdoodles from Farmers Market -- where Sutton Von Hunt works in the books -- for Erika and Alex, plus a cheesy LA postcard. (Snickerdoodles don't last but postcards do.)

If you're like, "no way, I'm not allowing some strange, hat-wearing lady I've never met to snickerdoodle me on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard & Fairfax Avenue," please know that it is a busy corner, where someone is standing at all hours of the day, as both wealhtheow and Erika can attest. Let me snickerdoodle you!

The other bonus? First, I want to preface this by saying that I do not like being exclusive or leaving anyone out, ever. The Wilfair world is an inclusive one, always, but I wanted to add a little something special for people who visit the corner and snap a photo with me. So here it is: There is a distinct marker on one of the four corners that marks Gomery's bedroom. If you come visit, I'll show you where it is.

Erika and Alex now know and they've been sworn to secrecy. (Alex, props for rolling so easily with me and Erika gabbing about the books!)

And, truth be told, I certainly could post it here, but it would be a bit hard to visualize. Just wanted to leave another little yummy mystery out there in the world.

Last random thing: While I was awaiting my visitors' arrival, I spied this on the sidewalk. You guys, it so seems like I dropped it there, Wil-and-Bo-Finley-style, but I didn't. An orange sequin! Right color and everything. There are lots of fancy dress parties at the museum next door, so this isn't that weird, but still, WHAT.

All in all, it was a great morning!


Erika said...

It was awesome!!

Wilfair Book said...

So fun. And the gloomy skies did not dampen our spirits. Or us! Now it is raining again. We caught some luck.

I'm still a mite weirded out by that sequin, I will admit. I had a brief daydream that maybe there's a secret Wilfair reader out there, visiting the corner and dropping sequins.

Total stuff and nonsense, I'm sure, but if you are, mystery person, you have my admiration.

Wilfair Book said...

Which all leads to my next realization that these books obviously have to remain a secret and not well-known.

Because if people start showing up at Wilshire and Fairfax to drop orange sequins, I may get a phone call from the City of Los Angeles. :)

Fingers crossed no one ever finds out about Wilfair!

kitzie said...

"Let me snickerdoodle you!" Would anyone ever say no to this? I mean, it seems a bit naughty, like I ought to say no, but I wouldn't.

You make me want to drive the 500ish miles down to LA for A COOKIE. That's how appealing I find that sentence.

kitzie said...

PS What a charming picture of you guys! It's so cool that you met up.

myrandaroyann said...

That's great that you got to meet up! If you're ever in Oklahoma, let me know. I'll come find you! We could go to the Museum of Osteology that's not too far from me. That is, if you're interested in a skeleton museum. ;) There are less boney places to chose from as well. :)

Wilfair Book said...

I loved the very brief time I was in OK! So pretty. I told you I stayed near Shawnee, right? The countryside was just so picturesque.

I am ALL about skeletons. You found one of my sweet spots. Yes, we will go there! I've been wanting to visit the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia for the longest time. Bones and skeletons and scientific anomalies from the 19th century.

My pal Tracy, who has appeared in a few posts and has a lot of Sutton to her, brought me skeleton barrettes from the Mütter. Friends 4evr!

Wilfair Book said...

Oh, and kitzie? Get down here for your special snickerdoodle lady time!

You'll totally stop for a bowl of pea soup at Andersen's on the way, too, right? Tell me you're as obsessed with Andersen's as I am. If you aren't I will dedicate myself to drawing you into the pea soup-loving fold.

In Gustine, right off the 5. Bottomless bowls!

kitzie said...

This Anderson's is something I've never heard of...and with a map I know why: it's too close to the Bay for me to stop on my way south, and most likely on my way east I'd be either on the 80 or the 120, totes missing it again. But now I'll have to stop my next time down!

I did once end up in Newman when I was (very) lost heading to some Stockton suburb. And that was a weird experience. I wonder if Gustine is just as strange???

Wilfair Book said...

Seriously, should we drop everything and meet up there? Now I want to. Granted, it's like a four-hour drive for me. :P So maybe another day.

Get that you haven't been -- it is pretty close to the Bay.

I can't even justly describe Andersen's. It's totally Tyrolean, and very Alps-y, in decor. Like, you just want to wear lederhosen while eating there.

It's pretty quirky and old-school, too. Reminds me of how diners were in the '30s. Charm x 100.

There's also a great gift shop where they have a giant crock of pub cheese sitting out. Free samples! Any place that puts out free cheese samples has my devotion for life.

And as mentioned, the bowls of pea soup, for which Andersen's is famous, are bottomless. Now *that* is a great word, in my book.

Wilfair Book said...

Also, I was *just* lost outside of Stockton in October! Jinxsies!

I have a sweet spot for Stockton. Chris Isaak is from there, so I always listen to him while driving through.

Plus, world capital of asparagus, I do believe. Yum.

kitzie said...

Stockton needs your love. That city has seen better days. (At least I hope so. Gah.) True story of another time I was lost in Stockton: last summer we were driving home from camping and husband wakes me to say he needed me to figure out where we were for two reasons: 1- to get back to the freeway and 2- so that we might never go there again. It was more ghetto than the most ghetto places in Oakland. Low and behold: we were in Stockton.

And since I obvs discriminate against that city, I'll admit that I googled Chris Isaak just to be sure you meant THAT Chris Isaak cuz I just couldn't believe he sprang from Stockton. Wait, how cool would it be if he saw on your blog that I mocked Stockton and then dedicated his next "Baby did a bad, bad thing" performance to me??? K, 'nuff fantasy. :)

Wilfair Book said...

There is probably nothing I enjoy more than a baroque, interacting-with-a-celebrity fantasy and this definitely qualifies!

(Hi, Chris Isaak, if you've found this blog! Love "Wicked Game," now/always.)

Now for realz: If you're driving through Stockton post-camping, can I assume you are a fan of Gold Country, the Sierras, and Yosemite, like me?

kitzie said...

Uhhh. Somewhat. I'm not exactly a huge "fan" of camping, but have been known to put up with it in the interests of a happy spouse and child.

That said, I was raised on Yosemite so I think that's THE place to do the nature stuff, but it can get a bit crowded so as a grown up I've really come to love Big Trees. Good car camping for your prissy, seriously-requires-a-toilet, high maintenance girl. And I've heard in the spring it's like magically beautiful with all those dogwoods blooming below the sequoias!

So: yeah, me too!

Chiara said...

Great picture! It's awesome you two got to meet up and Erika god snickerdoodled :) If I ever find myself in LA I'll make sure to get snickerdoodled.

The sequin! That's creepily awesome!

Wilfair Book said...

kitzie: I'm absolutely wild for Yosemite. The Ahwahnee is a Redwoodian inspiration, for sure (though I have about five or six of lodge inspirations, plus a heaping dose of made-up-ness). Never seen the dogwoods blooming so I must!

I'm more of a hotel girl than camping fan (obvs.) but nature and I are like an index finger and a middle finger wrapped around each other. In other words, tight.

Chiara: Let me know if you are ever here! Snickerdoodlez. And that sequin is strange. It was on the right corner, too, so I did have a moment of "has someone who knows about Wilfair been here?"

Wilfair Book said...

Oh, sorry, the dogwoods are among the Big Trees. YES. Do you ever go to Muir? That can't be far from you.

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