Fair Finley Christmas by Erika

Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

Our own Erika -- you know her from the comments and a certain LA corner -- went and fashioned holiday party outfits for the four main Wilfairers. This sweet and creative gesture not only made my day, it tied a big bow around it and spritzed it in pumpkin-scented room spray.

I'll post her collections over the next few days, but let's start with Fair Finley, because I'm frankly coveting everything here. Erika, you get these Wilfair people so well! You totally know them.

Anywho, I believe Erika imagined an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party for the characters with these outfits. Though she says on her Polyvore page that she just couldn't give Fair an ugly sweater.

I'm glad you chose the candy cane heart for the heart-loving Ms. Finley. Perfect. (If only I could dot the i in her name with a heart in this post! That's kind of her thing.)

And I want that skirt.

Fair's Ugly Sweater Outfit


Jamila said...

And I want those shoes!

wealhtheow said...

Jamila took the words out of my mouth. I desperately want those shoes.

bess said...

Adorable! I want it all. I love a good circle skirt.

Erika said...

Yay! Yeah, every single thing on this polyvore I covet! This was way too much fun to do :)

Wilfair Book said...

Everything, Erika. Everything in this picture is so spot-on. Including the mints. Fair needs to address her mint dish issues.

The trim on the shoe makes me happy. Would anyone object if I were to call that ricrac?

Chiara said...

Awesome!! I take the sweater, please :D

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